Friday, December 01, 2006

The offer

I promised to inform you about our visitor. Some part you might have already read on Greg’s blog. So I won’t repeat it.

I opened my eyes and found myself alone in bed. “Greg” I mumbled and looked around, no Greg in sight. So I stood up and checked the living room, no Greg here as well. He was neither in the bath nor in the kitchen. “Must be out for a short stroll”, I thought and began to percolate some more coffee.

“Breakfast would be nice”, I murmured and checked what Finn has brought us. We had a lot of eggs, bread, butter and jam here. “Hmm, could make some French toast”, I thought and started to make breakfast. I was just frying the slices when I heard the typical sound of a snow shovel. I raised and eyebrow and went to the window, Greg was standing outside, leaning on a snow shovel and looked more than cute in his black cord coat, gloves and beige camel boots. I opened the window and said "What the heck are you doing, Greg?". Greg looked up and sighed "I tried to clear the snow...". As I could see that his leg must hurt like hell I just shook my head, "Come's ready!".

Gregory looked surprised as he saw I already had prepared some breakfast, he smiled at me “You are looking cute in your pajama and those woollen socks”, I looked down and blushed slightly. “Ehm, had no time to change yet” I stammered and put the toast on the table. He held my hand when I wanted to turn to the kitchen unit again and drew me closer “No need to change, I like it that way” he whispered and kissed me softly. “Good morning to you” he said afterwards and I smile at him broadly, “Good morning to you as well”.

We had just finished our breakfast when we heard a SUV approaching. I raised my eyebrows. "The roads must be free by now...I'm sure this is your Vicodin...", I said and hurried to the bedroom in order to change my clothes. I heard Greg opening the door and then some mumbled voices speaking, I jumped in my black jeans, the turtle neck and black boots and went back again. The voices became clearer and I heard Greg saying, "Erm...yes...Let me guess...Jethro Flanders told you!"
A woman laughed and then spoke with a very familiar voice "No, it was Finn, my brother!". "Maaaaary!", I cried out from behind. "Hey! Come in!" – Woosh, I haven’t seen her for years and was really happy to see her, although it was a bit embarassing as I’d told Greg the evening before that she was the first woman I had sex with.

What happened then can be read in Greg’s blog. We just talked about this and that – and fool as I was I said that Greg is my menace. Doh! I don’t know why I haven’t just told her that he is my husband.

I was pretty aware of the fact that Gregory stared at me when I returned to the sofa again after this fauxpax. Yes, sometimes I am a bit … of an idiot. Mary smiled at me when I returned and whispered to me, "He wouldn't like me to say that...but he's cute!"
I grinned and whispered back. "Cute, yes. Most would call him grumpy. I thought I was the only one who sees that..."
"As a matter of fact there are at least three persons in this village who see that", she giggled. Before I could give a reply Greg announced "I'll have a you don't have to whisper", and off he was.

I rubbed my neck, “Well done, Jim” I thought and then looked at Mary again. “Three?”, I asked her. She grinned “Yes, Finn told me about your colleague and I just had to come up here and see if it is right.” I frowned “So, Finn… aha! But I never thought he’d like men …”.
She looked in her mug as it would be some kind of oracle and then said, “Well, he is gay”, and gave me a side glance.
“Oh…” was my only answer and then I pretty much understood why he behaved so odd the evening before. “I… I thought you knew it”, Mary continued and looked at me questioningly. I shrugged “No, not until now.” Another giggle from her side “And he was sooo in love with you when we were young!”, this of course made me blush and my jaws dropped down.

She gave me a nudge “No need to blush, Jimmy. It is long ago now. So tell me are you still married?” I waved with my hand and she smiled when she saw the ring attached to my finger. “Ah, I see you are. Tell me about her, is it still, what was her name … Julie?”

Now it was my time to grin and I replied “No it is not Julie, we are divorced” – and I told her all about my marriage with Julie, which lasted a while. “Wow that was much to tell” she said after I’d finished my story, “Before I forget my Dad likes to invite you and your colleague for dinner tonight as he would like to see you again and speak with you. You know he likes you.” I nodded and that was when we heard a knock at the door.

“Who might be this? Greg would just came in …” I said and stood up to open the door. To my surprise it was Gregory and I only had to look at him and I knew that he was pissed. "Your menace is back", he hissed and squeezed past me. “Shit!” I thought and gnawed my lower lip.

"Ah, there you are again", Mary said and smiled at Greg. "I was just telling James that our father invites you two for dinner this evening. He's so glad Jim's around again and didn't want to miss the chance to talk to him. Finn and I will be there, too."
"Nice", Greg replied and disappeared into the bathroom. A deep sigh slipped out of my mouth and Mary looked at me frowning.

I returned to the sofa and poured another coffee then I leaned back well aware of the questioning look. “I think I should tell you now to who I am married now” I mumbled and gave her a side look.
She just nodded and I took a deep breath, “Well you know Gregory is not just my colleague or … menace. What he really can be sometimes … but well… he is my husband. We are married.” Her jaws dropped and she stared at me “You and … “ she swallowed “You are gay?!”, then she wrinkled her forehead and I could just shrug. “Seems so, huh?!” I replied and grinned.

Mary shook her head and buried her face in her hands. Her shoulders shivered and I shuffled uncomfortably, then she patted my knee and burst out with laughter. I must have looked like an idiot, staring at her with my mouth opened. She brushed away a tear and managed to say “Well, James – that is so funny”. I started to giggle “You never thought about it?”, she shook her head first and then nodded “I wasn’t quite sure. But well, no I think – no, I never thought you were gay.” I winked at her “Shocked?”, she answered in the negative and then wanted to know where I met Greg, when I found out, what happened – briefly spoken the whole story.

So I told her – Greg had finished his shower in the meantime and I heard him going into the bedroom, he sure was pissed and he was right… I should have told her right in the beginning … I decided to take care for that afterwards and continued telling her the story.

“So this was it” I finished and Mary sighed. “You know, Jimmy I wish you all the luck in the world” and she squeezed my hand. Perfect moment for Greg to appear on the scene. He looked at us and saw her hand upon mine and he breathed in deeply. “Greg” I started but was interrupted by him “I’ll try to get the SUV out and then I am off to that village”. Mary turned around and looked at him then she stood up and approached Gregory “I am sorry for having been here so long. I hope you understand that we had a lot tell”, she looked at me and winked and then looked at Greg again.

He frowned and grunted “I heard you laughing several times, please feel free to stay as long as you want. I am off now” and he wanted to go to the door.
I jumped up and hurried to the door as well, then I grabbed his collar “I am sorry, dear” and kissed him gently. Greg stood frozen and then replied my kiss, I depend the kiss and heard Mary silently slipping out of the door.

I just stopped kissing him when I heard her driving away. Greg still had his eyes closed and sighed, “What?”. I caressed his cheek “I was an idiot Greg I should have told her right away that you are my hubby.” He opened his eyes “You told her?”, he asked and swallowed.
I answered with a smile and a nod “Sure, I did. Do you still want to go to the village now?”

He started to grin “I could think it over… if you offer me a reason”, I let my hand slip under his jumper and whispered “I think I can make you a good offer”.

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