Tuesday, December 26, 2006

How the Pink Rabbit got named ...

I am currently having some time for myself ... we are back at our little hut - finally. The evening with the Brunswicks was more than pleasant and funny. Particularly the thing with the sleeping sofa ... hehe.

Perhaps Greg will write about it - when he is awake again. He didnt feel that good when we came back. Might be because of the "little" alcohol we had and of the little sleep we got. Well ... it was pleasant!

Before I forget to tell you - I now want to use the opportunity to write about the pink rabbit got his name. Greg doesn't want me to write it down ... haha... but I am willing to do so. And YES I love mocking him sometimes.

Well this time it is not only him having to face the little prang.

Do you already know how the rabbit's name is? No?

Let me just tell you ...

Once upon a time in December a small little pink rabbit was thrown in front of an audience and hit the eyebrows of a good looking lecturer. The pink rabbit found the flight interesting and if he could have yelled, he would probably screamed out: Woooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooo, I believe I can flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

But of course the rabbit can't speak so he just twisted around in the air and a rattling sound followed by a "You rule!" accompanied his hero flight, which was ended by a Thomp sound when he hit the man's face. Then he lay there on the ground until the man with the cane picked him up at his ears ... the rabbit looked around and saw many people. Next thing he noticed was darkness (that was when he was put in the backpack) ... only his ears hopping up and down while the man was walking where the only bodyparts to be seen.

Flipp, flapp, flipp, flapp ...

The darkness was lifted when the bag was opened and the rabbit found himself in a hotel room. Cosy he would have thought .. and then he noticed the two men - if the pink rabbit could have changed his colour it would have changed into crimson red by then.

Hoooo boy

The rabbit was packed in a bag again later and after quite a while he found himself sitting in a living room. The two men where still around ... well, they are always quite close together and doing ... ehm ... interesting things - he thought (or would have).

The man with the brown hair and brown eyes looked at the rabbit one evening and waved it in front of the other mans face.
"C'mon Greggoooo please give me a name" the man said with a higher voice. It sounded as he changed the normal tone of his voice.
The other man looked at the rabbit and grinned "Stop it, James. Will you?"
"Noooo, please, don't let me live like that!" the voice could be heared again.

A snort could be heared and blue-eyes were fixed on the rabbit.
"What name do you want?" he finally said.
The rabbit looked blank ... and didn't answer (of course he didnt).

The man named Greg stood up and limped into another room, he came back with two bottles in his hand.
A deeper voice said "Oh, Black Sheep! That is nice!"
Blue-eyes sparkled when they looked above the rabbits head "Do you want one, too?" he asked while he poured some dark liquid into a glass.
"Ehm, this would be nice" the other voice behind the rabbits back said.

"Be nice ... hmmm?"the blue-eyed man with the cane mumbled and a smile appeared on his face.
The pink rabbit was waved in front of the other man's face "Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze, gimme some stout. Be nice, Greggo!"

The man called Greggo looked at the rabbit "You wanna have some Black Sheep? Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine!" and then he leaned over the rabbit with the glass in his hand but bent over it and only a "Hmmmmmmm" sound followed by a whipsered "Gawd, Greg" could be heard.

The next thing the rabbit noticed that his head became wet and that he was pushed on the ground, laying there his eyes wide open he saw the glass hovering in the air and it was placed on the table by a hand. A shirt covered his eyes then and this might have saved him of becoming crimson dark red again.

Some while later the shirt was lifted up and a giggle could be heard.
"Hey, Greg hun', you have baptized the rabbit with Black Sheep." The rabbit was pulled up from the floor and shown to the man called Greg.
He looked at the rabbit, straightened up "Uuuuh, well. So I have the perfect name for him right now."
He cleared his throat and the other man made a humming sound.
"Pink rabbit, from now on you will be named BERTIE" he said with a deeper voice.

"Bertie?" the other man laughed out. "You will call him Bertie?" and he errupted in laughter. "Geez, Greg. That is funny!"
Greg grinned and waved with the glass in his hand "Black Sheep perfectly fits for that and Bertie liked the Cheering story! So ..." he shrugged and giggled "I thought it would perfectly fit and perhaps you don't know, it might fit to him" and he pointed at the rabbit.

The rabbit called Bertie looked at him with wide open blue eyes.

Brown eyes sparkled in the candle light and two men were sitting on the sofa laughing hard.
"I think he will understand that" the brown haired man said under giggles. "If he would know that we had more than some drinks when doing that, he would pretty much understand. And you know what, Greg, I think he and Neil would do the same ill-minded things."


So this is how the rabbit got named ... Bertie!

(Should Bertie and Neil read this ...Imagine me grinning!)


Anonymous said...

I should have known that.
Having a nap with you giggling in front of my laptop was bound to end embarassing!

Dr. James Wilson said...

Well, you know me, dear!

But it was you naming the rabbit Bertie ;)