Thursday, December 14, 2006

Preparing the excuse

As you already might have read on Greg’s blog I played pranks on him. No it wasn’t mean at all – well, not really mean. It was funny in a kind of sick minded way.

Yes I am talking about my little cheerleader scene during his lecture. Check his blog, if you hadn’t read it yet then you will know what I am talking about. But be warned you might need tissues …

Let me tell you what happened after his lecture.

Greg finished his lecture and the applause was frenetic. He really deseverd it as it was a great one! Well the rabbit may have counted as well ...

Greg went back to where we sat and I prepared myself and swayed the rattle. "You!", Greg bent down to me. "Yoooouuuu!TEASE!!!" I looked at him and saw the hidden amusement glimming in his blue eyes, so I just grinned and smiled.

“Don’t be cross with me, Greg. I just had to you know?!” He flung himself on the chair next to me and hissed “This my dear will cost you a damn good excuse!”.
“Yes!” I thought and already had something in my mind. Our eyes met and I nodded “I was aware of that before, darling.”

The end of the afternoon came soon and we headed to the car, the pink rabbit was stuffed in Greg’s backpack but the ears were hanging out and I couldn’t resists swaying the rattle again on the way to the car. Greg turned around and stopped me walking with pushing his cane softly in my stomach, “Stop it now! Will you? Or …”.

I grinned, “Or what?” I asked innocently.
“Or…” he waved with the cane in the air “…I’ll show you what a real revenge is.”
I passed him and shook the car keys “I am not scared of that, you know”.

We drove back to the hotel and immediately went up to our room. Gregory made his way to the bathroom and I heard the shower going on after a few minutes. “Fine” I though and started to prepare everything for my excuse.

I had ordered a bottle of Aberlour single malt via mobile and it was already standing on the little table. Greg hasn’t seen it as he directly went into the bathroom – my luck. So I poured malt into two glasses, arranged the red roses I had also ordered and changed my clothes. The light was dimmed and I looked around “Good” I whispered and sat down.

To be continued - we are back at home and have to go shopping as the fridge is empty.

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