Friday, December 15, 2006

The excuse

Greg came out of the bathroom wrapped in the white hotel bathrobe. He looked magnificent and did even shave! A whistle escaped my mouth and he turned around as he was heading to the bedroom.

His jaw dropped slightly and he blinked "Gaaawd, Jimmy!".
A smile appeared on my face and I waved at him with the dark red tie around my neck "It is time for my excuse".
Greg swallowed hard and I raised and approached him.
"You look gorgeous just with that tie on you" he whispered. I decided to say nothing at all and opened the belt of his bathrobe. The bathrobe fell on the floor when I gently undressed him.

Greg bit his lower lip for a second and closed his eyes. I did nothing and just stood there and watched him. When he opened his eyes again, his pupils were widened and he was breathing faster. His hand gently touched my tie and a shiver ran down my spine.

"I don't know what you are doing with me" he whispered and grabbed my tie to pull me closer.
"I will make you scream" I whispered in his ear and caressed his back. I felt his body shivering slightly and then I was pushed against the door frame.

"No! I will make you scream and that will be the best excuse you can offer me" he mumbled before he kissed me passionately.

The rest can be created in your heads - dears ... this will stay our secret. But let me tell you this - he became his excuse and it was a damn good one though.

How we ended can be found in the beginning of the Dinner evening entry with Marks and Fayt.


Julia Brooklyn said...

Well, excuses can be so nice... :(

Anonymous said...

It was...
I should give him more reasons to excuse.

Anonymous said...

Dang it! More! I wanna read more!

Dr. James Wilson said...

Wanna read more?

Satisfy your fantasy with Fayt.