Monday, December 04, 2006

Quick entry - poetry


I have only little time. Short break ...

Will meet Greg in five minutes for lunch break in the caféteria, so I have to hurry up a bit.

Ward round is finished. Dr. Danby did a great job over the weekend - nothing to complain about.

After lunch break I will be on clinic duty ... so you can see it is just a normal working day for me.

I have another poetry for you ... It is an older one, so just read:

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Like a rose

Like a rose it is to be compared:

Broken through the soil,
ungently welcomed,
unhandsome and blank at first,
blank of all characteristics.

Despite all adversities, aspiring to life and light
the bud grows and maturates,
the even branch becomes its marks.

It is more and more a pleasure to look at ...

Dew rolls off the waxen gown,
the bud matures,
the time it comes.
It opens up,
unfolds –
look at the perfection,
perfection hard to aspire –
never to be reached.

This perfection as well will pass.
The leaves they wither,
The scent evaporates –
But still it is beautiful to look at.

Dream your dream of the rose as well,
... you will see ... and understand ...

WitchOfNature allowed me to use a photography of hers for my poetry - hope you like it!


Dr. Gregory House said...

I love your poems.

Dr. James Wilson said...

Thank you!

It means a lot!

Julia Brooklyn said...

He's right. They're wonderful!

Julia Brooklyn said...
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Dr. James Wilson said...

Oh somebody has erased his/her entry...

Anonymous said...

Very nice Wil. I like your style. A lot better then my emo-self poems. *nods*

Dr. James Wilson said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Welcome as always Wil.

Dr. James Wilson said...

As always ...