Saturday, December 30, 2006

Waiting ...

mood: on tenterhooks

music: the babbling of the participants

I am waiting to be able to go home ... it is annoying if you have to wait for that and the clock is just moving sooooo slow then.

Chase and I are still at the congress - well or should I say - back again. We are sitting there with some participants and listening (trying) to some lecture Cuddy wanted us to join. Fine, Greg is already at home and I was only able to bring him back and stay with him for one hour then I had to leave again.

It is so annoying! I don't want to be here ... I just want to be at home!
One good thing is that Chase got beer for us. We are using coffee mugs for it, so the other don't see what we are drinking. Glad it is stout though - hehe!

It might be that I am slightly drunk and I am sitting here and waiting for some e-mail to arrive. I know it must come - I know it is on its way in the Internet - but it is still not here. Gawd ... another reason to be on tenterhooks.

What kind of email it is? It has something to do with Greg and me, something private and it is a surprise, so I won't tell you. Mwahaha!

Okay I am slightly drunk by now! Can't wait to get home...


Julia Brooklyn said...

Waiting can be hell - but with some nice drinks it can be nice.

Dr. James Wilson said...

I had several drinks. Feeling very tired now.

At least Greg was so nice picking me up. But I am still waiting for the email.

Julia Brooklyn said...

No, I wont ask you what kind of mail it is... :)