Saturday, December 30, 2006

Another weird poem ... The promise

The fire is just burning inside of you,
you are the light and this is just true.
Thy power is your holding hand,
Thy strength is that you always understand.
You were born to enlight the soul.
Your challenge is to make them all whole.
Thy eyes are shining like sparkling stars in the night,
Thy wings are burning when you are flying through the dark of night.
You are my son, my everything!
You bring them love and sometimes sin.
Call me your father, your guidance, your God!
I am here and creating the mighty plot.
You, my son, will strike and see,
You will be the winner and I give the prize to thee.
The prize will be love, warmth and light,
Given to you be the "Earth" in Her shining light.
This is my promise I now give to you!
You can believe me it all will come true!

I know it is another very different poem I just wrote. I like it though ... perhaps you do as well.


Anonymous said...

I do!
You are...amazing...

Julia Brooklyn said...

Why do you call it weird? It is just wonderful!

Don't think it is wrong to write down honest feelings. If this is going through your mind - it is a great way to handle it.

Dr. James Wilson said...

I am so glad you like it.

I called it weird because it is so very different of what I am normally writing.

Julia Brooklyn said...

Sometimes the little difference makes it special - in a good way.

But til now, I loved all your poems!

Dr. James Wilson said...

Thank you so much Jules. It means a lot for me, if somenone likes my poems.