Tuesday, January 02, 2007


mood: tensed

music: nothing - but I could do with some hard rock now!

location: my office

Happy New Year blablabla ... all the same the whole morning.

I am about to leave to the usual oncologist new year's meeting - thanks God it is just about to last one or two hours. Normally it is okay, we have coffee and donuts and talk about different cases we have and what investions are needed in the new year, but this time I am not looking forward to it - I will have to meet Mr. Who-Nearly-Killed-Me!

My muscles are tensed, my stomach twitches and I am really pissed off! How could Cuddy do that?

I will have to go now. The one coming too late will have to scribble down the minutes ... I am really not in the mood to do that.

For the normal work I made a deal with Dr. Danby - he will be working with Allenby some times and he will report his work to me. I refused to work with him and will only meet him, if there is no other opportunity.

No way!

I can still see me laying on the ground in that Canadian wood - bleeding and nearly loosing my everything for ever. How could Cuddy do such a cruelty?!

See you around - I will report later about what happend.


Anonymous said...

Oh oh oh hun...I'm on tenterhooks!
I hope you spat into his face!

Dr. James Wilson said...

Nope ;)