Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Poem: For you

moody: somehow relaxed but worried
music: Lordi - Devil is a looser
I've written this poem yesterday - although I just can say it was somewhat around midday. Perhaps Gregory can help me to get my damn memory back. Shit - I should have slept more this weekend I suppose. Perhaps this is only the damn fucking problem (sry for swearing).

Here is my poem for you:

The light is shining there so bright,
no darkness fills your Godess-like light.

I see the sparkles in your eyes,
no shadow is dimming the truth inside.

I see it now all so clear,
thine is my way -I am yours, my dear.

We go together in the night,
We kiss each other under HER guiding light.

Mother and Father are watching us,
We are here - no one but us.

Believe me it is all in you,
Believe me this is oh so true.

I also stumbled in the night,
I also feared there'll be no moe light.

In despair I stood underneath her cloak,
crying her name - me, just a lonesome bloke.

Now I am believing, it is all in me
I'll give you strenght and power to thee.

You are my light - my everything
I'll be your hope, your love, your sin.

Look inside my sweetheart now,
Look carefully and for Her we bow.

We drop our head and honor Her will,
It is not us - we just fulfill.

Into the sand we fall and kiss,
This is no dream, it is just what it is.


Anonymous said...

You should have.
And keep away from my Vicodin-shake...
I should have told you what it is.
Didn't it taste odd?

Dr. James Wilson said...

No it did tast like orange juice! Shoot! Greg - my whole damn weekend is nearly missing. Just can remember I came back from PointPleasant.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry.
Of course it tasted like orange juice.
Orange juice with dissolved Vicodin...

Dr. James Wilson said...

Geez! Do you know how much of that "juice" I drank?

Anonymous said...

I suppose the bottle's almost empty.
I should hide my stuff elsewhere...

Julia Brooklyn said...

That's why I'm glad to have an orange-allergy! :)