Saturday, January 20, 2007

Windy ...on Saturday

mood: dizzy but relaxed

music: Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

It was damn fucking windy outside! Sorry for the swearing but I am just frank.

On our way to the cottage we bought some stuff for it, some supplies so that we don't have to bring our things from at home every time we get here.

Greg's parents asked us if they could spend the first week in February here. Well, why not, huh?
I got my soup by the way ... the soup and some ehm - hot - ehm milk shake, I mean chocolate.

We had just brought in the food and clothes, when Greg turned around "Do you want some hot drink, honey?"
I didn't look at him and put the cleaning utensils underneath the sink, so I didn't see his expression while saying it. "Sure, I would love to have some tea or so."

"Or so?" I heard from behind before two hands grabbed my hips. "You don't move now!"
I swallowed hard, "Greg" I sighed.
"What?" he whispered and leaned over my back to place a kiss on my neck. "Hrrrm?"
A shiver ran down my spine and ... well ... ehm ... we ended up and had a relaxing hot bath.

After the bath we did need some break or should I say a nap?! Blood pressure can be getting so crazy when the bath is too hot ... especially when you are not feeling too good.

We were laying in bed lazily and Greg caressed my chest.
"Youuuu?" he said with a soft voice.
I slightly turned my head, "Yeeees?"
His index finger circled around my belly button, "Aren't you hungry?"
"Huh?" I asked and closed my eyes.

"Was that a purr?" I heard him whispering into my ear.
"Maybe?" I said with a grin upon my face.
"Maybe? Huh?" Greg softly whispered back. "Maybe? What about giving you a YES and then we go to that Chinese restaurant on the main street?"
"Sounds more than alluring to me" I whispered back when I felt Greg's chest upon mine.

Oh YES - he became the YES and we went to the restaurant.

I will tell later what happened there - I have to go now.


stacy warner said...

Hi James

I hope you enjoyed your weekend!
Sounded quite ... hot?

Could you please remind Greg of the therapy-reports of the last 8 months?
I´m working on the hospitals Tax-Report for 2006 and I need them soon.
Please do it for me, you know what always happens when we talk to one another.

Dr. Gregory House said...

Such a great start into the new week...