Friday, January 12, 2007

Poem: Memory

Memory is fading,
just able to catch a glimpse of the shading.

Your tender touch on my skin,
your voice speaking of lust and of sin.

Ghost-like touches and a voice in my mind,
this it was and much more of that kind.

No one would ever believe me,
no one would ever see.

You are nothing than a glimpse of memory for me.
A lie it is, now I can see.

You are much more than this,
it was much more than just a simple kiss.

Our souls became one, our hearts they belong.
Through the mist of fate I can hear your enchanting song.

I follow its path through the darkness and light,
only the Goddess above knows what might.

I know this sucks ... it is really not one of my bests. Nonetheless I wanted to share it with you - comment if you want.

I am aware that it sucks!


Julia Brooklyn said...

Why do you think it sucks? Some people would be proud to write a poem like this.

Dr. James Wilson said...

Because it feels unfinished somehow ... and hmm... I don't know.

Geez, Jules - where the heck is your blog!?

Julia Brooklyn said...

Oh sorry I've changed the URL! Now it's