Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Comfortably numb

Dears ... Hello,

I think I have some problems with my mind. Some lack of memory I would say. Geez! I really miss some information in my damn head what was going on on the weekend. I somehow have the feeling that something was erased in my mind.

How could this be possible? I don't drug ... no way I would ever do that! God knows that I don't do that.

Really this is annoying me ... perhaps I should let my mind check. For what am I working at the PPTH, huh?

I had this song in my mind ... so here - you have it. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Well....you've been at Point Pleasant on Saturday.
And I think you went there again on Sunday.
You didn't drink from the brown bottle in the kitchen, did you?

Julia Brooklyn said...

Oh oh... Forgetting a whole day is not a good sign!

Dr. James Wilson said...

No it is not a good sign. And it is not that I've forgotten a whole day - just some important things.

If I'd know them ... damn it! Perhaps I'll find it out somewhen. If not ... they are probably not important.