Thursday, January 11, 2007

What has Arnello to do with it ...

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Before driving to Point Pleasant I decided to buy a bunch of flowers (yes I am a romantic sometimes) for Greg accompanied by his favorite Caramel Macchiatto from Starbucks. It was at Starbucks where I felt a tapping at my shoulder.

"Eh, Mr. Wilson! Buon giorno, how are you?"
I turned around and looked into Joey Arnellos eyes.
"Oh, Mr. Arnello, good morning to you as well. I am fine, thanks. How are you?" I asked him and grabbed the two coffees.

He looked at me and smiled. "Aw, I see you are fetching coffee for you and House. Is he fine?"
I cleared my throat "Well, not currently. He is in hospital as a patient."
Arnello's eyes hardened "As a patient? What happened? Did anyone hurt him?" he asked and then came closer to whisper in my ear "Just tell me his name".

I really have to admit that Allenby's name appeared in my head - but I didn't tell his name though. It would have been a lie - and I am not that mean.
"No, no - he had an anaphylactic shock due to Cashews. That is why he is in the clinic now" I replied and shrugged.
"I see" Arnello said and nodded. "And you are bringing him flowers and a coffee" he said with a grin and pointed at the bunch of flowers under my arm.

I felt myself blushing slightly and nodded.
"Ehm, right. I just peek in there and then I have to ..." - "Why telling him that?" I thought and decided to keep it for me.
But it was too let - he already was curious now and looked at me enquiringly.
"You have to ...? You will have to go where?"
"Oh nothing" I said and slightly shook my head, I followed Arnello out of Starbucks as his Latte was ready as well.

"Aw, Mr. Wilson, you know I can find it out" he said with a grin.
Geez! Right ...
So I just sighed and said "Point Pleasant".
Arnello narrowed his eyes "You are going to Point Pleasant without House? You are not betraying him, are you?" he said and pointed with one finger at me.

"Damn! No! Of course not!" I answered a bit pissed off.
"I see, this annoys you. You are a good man!" he replied and gave me a pat on the back.
I rubbed my neck and gave Arnello a side glance "Of course this annoys me. I am not betraying him!"
We approached my car and he rested his hand upon it "I am really sorry, Doctor. Can I make good for it?"
I placed the two coffees on the car roof and opened the passenger door.
"No, there is no need for it Mr. Arnello. You already did enough for us" I said and placed the bunch of flowers and the coffees on the passenger seat.


Sorry, have to go to lunch with Gregory now ... will continue later!


Anonymous said...

Oh...this is going to be interesting.
You met Joey?
Gez...he really seems to be interested in my health and everything...

Julia Brooklyn said...

Well, you saved his life! Isn't that a reason?