Thursday, January 11, 2007

Kissing disease

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"But what? You're my husband, I love you and I wanted to kiss you", Greg said plainly and took a sip of his Macchiato.
I nodded. "Right."

We were standing outside of Starbucks clinging to our Macchiati and looking at each other. Greg smirked and came closer.
"You should stop it!" he whispered and I must have looked puzzled when I asked "What? I am doing nothing!"
"You are looking way to sexy and cute, my dear" he whispered, grabbed my tie and pulled me closer.
"Greg" I could only hiss before he sealed my lips with a deep and passionate kiss.

I got nearly lost in this kiss and everything else was forgotten, so it was no wonder I agreed when Gregory asked me after this kiss "Let us go home yes? If not we could end up in jail."
Still panting slightly I nodded and answered "Hurry then or I'll rape you in public, dear."

Gregory grinned and we both hurried to the car in the parking lot. We were nearly there when Gregory grabbed my coat, I turned and was pinned against the beton wall. He leaned against me "God, do you know what you are doing with me?", Greg whispered in my ear and let his hand wander to my belt.
A moan slipped out of my mouth when he touched some delicate part of my body and a shiver ran down my spine.
"Please" I mumbled and my knees wobbled like jelly.
"Please, what?!" he murmured in my ear and slightly sucked my earlobe afterwards.
"Not here" I managed to say and gasped when his teeth brushed over my neck.

"Why not?" he whispered and pushed me a bit harder against the wall.
"Because ... because I will make you scream through the damn neighborhood" I said and looked straight into his eyes.
A broad smile appeared on his face and he let me loose "Off we go then! And keep your promise!"
"Believe me I'll won't forget it!" I said when starting the engine.

I didn't forget - let me just say that - aw, c'mon guys don't make such a disappointed face now. No pouting allowed - hehe.

Afterwards we lay entagled up into each other on the bed and Greg gently caressed my chest.
"We should far more often go to Starbucks, Jimmy" he said and grinned.
"Mhmm. But it would cost us our jobs" I mumbled with my eyes still closed and stretched a bit.
"Damn it, James! You did that on purpose!" Greg hissed and before I could turn to him with a grin, I was pushed into the linen.
"No, no ... YES!"

Ehm ... well - some time later my beeper went off. I turned lazily around and searched my trousers on the floor.
"Jaaaaaames!" Greg said and before he could grab me again, I jumped out of the bed and laughed.
"Hands off now! Geez, Gregory, I have to go back to the clinic!" I said while looking on the beeper.
"Noooo" he gnarled. "You stay here, let the patient die or so."
I frowned and gave him a stern look.

Gregory sighed and let him drop back into the linen.
"You are too good to be true, Dr. Wilson" he muttered and stared to the ceiling.
I slipped into my boxers and trousers and searched for a new shirt. My decision fell on my college jumper and the chucks.
"I know, dear" I said then and bent over Greg and kissed his forehead. "I'll be back soon" I said and off I was.

Soon is relative isn't it? Yes it is ... two hours later I was still in the clinic. The patient didn't make it ...

I was sitting over the file and made the final paperwork when I heard a knock at the door.
"Come in!" I said and lifted up my head to check who was it.
"Dr. Wilson" Foreman greeted me and came in.
"Foreman" I said with a smile and gestured him to sit down. "Still here?"

Foreman nodded and sighed. He held a file in his hands and with the sad look upon his face I didn't have to think hard. "Chase?" I asked.
Another nod and he took seat. "Yes, could you please check the data, if it could be a tumor?"
"Sure" I said and grabbed the file.

A short time later I looked up and shook my head. "It is none tumor, no cancer!"
Foreman sighed in relief and let his head drop back. He really looked more than tired and worried.
"Let me see again" and I opened the file anew.

Depression, headache, weakness, dizziness or disorientation and fatigue ... not to forget his sore throat and cough.
"Geez, Foreman. Was he checked on mono?" I asked him while checking his test results.
"Ehm, no not yet" Foreman mumbled and I looked up.

"He was not checked on mononucleosis?"
"Shit! You are right, this would explain all symptoms" Foreman said and I was not sure if his head would hit the desk because he was so pissed off.
Foreman immediately went and made a monospot ... yes it is infectious mononucleosis or "kissing disease".

I recommended Foreman to make a monospot of his blood as well - hehe. It was negative though.

In a small percentage of cases, mono infection is complicated by co-infection with streptococcal infection - like it is in Chase case. Antibiotic will be administered to treat the strep throat, but will not be effective against EBV resp. the mono. The rest is treated normally ...

No sports, no heavy physical activity (believe I am grinning) ... and then our Down Under Hair Wonder will be back again!


Anonymous said...

No heavy physical activity...Poor Chase. No gym for him....
What about some sports for us during the lunchbreak?

Dr. James Wilson said...

Sounds alluring!