Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The oncologist meeting

mood: tensed and pissed off

location: back in my office

No one died! Well, if glances could kill – there would be someone laying on the floor as a corpse.
It wouldn’t be me though.

Let me tell you what happened. The meeting started at 2 p.m. as announced and I got there in time. I was just talking with Dr. Meyers and pouring some coffee when I heard his voice. My hackles raised and I tried to stay calm but Dr. Meyers must have noticed something, as she bent over and asked, “Dr. Wilson, is everything fine. You got a bit pale?”

I just nodded and stirred my coffee (I always drink it black). My hands wandered automatically to an oncologist paper and I flipped through the pages pretending I didn’t notice You-Know-How (and no, I am not talking about Voldemort) but I was prick-eared.

Apparently no one of the colleagues knew what happened and Cuddy must have told something like he had a burn-out syndrome and had to have a time off. I must admit that I didn’t care about what she might have told – I had other problems shortly after what happened.

So I could just hear them greeting Allenby like a long lost son – gawd, I had to bite my tongue not to talk Billingsgate. I just sipped my coffee and pretended to be reading, when I noticed Danby watching me carefully. He is not dumb and I could see in his eyes that he must have seen something in my behaviour that was odd. Sure it was odd – a colleague was long gone and when he comes back the head of the department pretends reading and doesn’t want to greet him. Then there is also the fact, that this deal was made … but we refused to tell Danby what really happened, just that I didn’t want to work with Allenby.

Allenby … well I couldn’t pretend reading all the time and then there was the time I had to face the evil. “Dr. Wilson” another colleague addressed me and I looked up with a surprised expression upon my face, as I would have been miles and miles away.
“Huh?” I asked and raised an eyebrow.
“See, Dr. Allenby came back!” (this colleague is really an idiot and I cannot stand him very well) – I put a false smile upon my face, which never reached my eyes and forced me to look at Allenby who was standing by the side of Dr. Rickman.

“I see” I mumbled and forced me to nod. Allenby wanted to approach me but I think he was so clever noticing that this could have caused his death – but Danby was my saviour this time as he just stepped into Allenby’s way and shook his hand.
Louis looked at me with an indefinable expression upon his face – it was somehow blank and this is the worst thing at all. He scares me …

The last time I’ve seen him there was hate in his eyes but now it is just blank and indefinable … it is hard for me to read in his eyes now. This really scares me!

Danby introduced himself to Allenby as his successor and this might have interested Allenby as he drew his full attention to Danby right then. I placed myself at the other end of the table and was glad to see that Louis decided to stay where he was.

The whole time he didn’t really look at me, but I noticed that he gave me a weird side look when I pretended to rest my head in the hand. He looks pretty normal to me, except from the blank and lifeless eyes. Brrrrrrrrrrrr…

I don’t want to think about it – that gives me the creeps. When the meeting was finished it was Danby again who saved me from being confronted with Allenby, as he (Danby) hurried towards me and dragged me out of the conference room, starting a discussion about his new patient a 16 year-old cheerleader with breast cancer.

We talked about the case until I found myself back in my office, I must have looked thankful and puzzled at the same time because Danby just patted my shoulder and said “If you want to we can talk about it sometimes, if not then not” then he just nodded and was off.

Nice … I should thank him with a good pint some time.

So this was my first “meeting” with The-One-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.


Anonymous said...

Still didn't meet him and I'm not keen on it...

Dr. James Wilson said...

I wasn't keen either!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I think I'll stay the next days (or months) far away from the oncology!
Wilson, I really feel sorry for you!

Dr. James Wilson said...

Thanks for it, Chase.

This really is annoying!

cindy1991 said...

oh my, it making me laughing so hard, I nearly fall from my chair! The-One-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, why this name remind me the book "Harry Potter"?
you guys have read it? or watch it?

Dr. James Wilson said...

Sure ;)

cindy1991 said...

I just know you guys have read it. (watch it) The-One-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Voldment, huh? that guy is really so evil, it seems, eitherwise you won't called him that!