Sunday, January 14, 2007

Point Pleasant - evening plans

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As I told you yesterday we went to Point Pleasant. Our house was already waiting for us ... (sure it did) - Gregory stood before it several minutes and looked at it.

I was leaning at the car watching Gregory carefully - after some minutes he turned around beaming. "James, I am stunned, this is ours! Ours!"
I smiled and nodded "Yipp! Ours!"
He nodded as well and winked at me. No words were necessary now ... we pretty much understand each other without words.

We brought the things in and first checked the house ... Mrs. Acklewood had cleaned everything and even placed a welcome gift on the table. A bottle of fine 16 year old Lagavulin. Gregory was more than pleased about it.

We will meet her before driving back home.

The afternoon we spent with ... ehm ... making ourselves comfortable with the house. It really is a nice little cottage.

We were laying on the sofa and I was reading a bit in Shakespeare's Macbeth when Gregory asked me "What are your plans for tonight?"
I looked up and frowned "Ehm, I have no plans yet. Something in your mind?"
Gregory straightened up a bit and grinned "I saw an Irish pub in town. What about going out tonight?"

I couldn't avoid raising an eyebrow "You? You want to go out?"
He shrugged "Why not? I am not always wanting to sit on the sofa although we could of course..." he paused and waggled with his eyebrows.

A giggle slipped out of me and I shook my head "Unbelievable you really are. Let's go out then. What about having supper there as well?"
"Sounds more than good for me. Could do with some fish & chips" he answered.
"Yes, fish and chips sounds good. Best served with tatar sauce!" I replied and we both grinned.

"So this is cleared now" Greg said and I looked down again to continue my reading.
"But I have something else in my mind now" he murmured and before I could look up again, he grabbed my legs and pulled me down.
"Greg" I hissed - but I wasn't able to say more as my lips were sealed with a passionate kiss.

The rest of the afternoon just flew by ...

I'll continue writing about the evening - tomorrow. Too tired and distracted now... Greg is playing piano.

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Dr. Gregory House said... just flew...
And the evening was ever so nice.