Wednesday, January 10, 2007

How I got rid off ...

Mr. Louis Allenby - oncologist at the PPTH

So many people asked me how the heck I got rid off Dr. Allenby - yes careful readers might have figured out that he wasn't mentioned in any of the blogs around.

It is so very easy dears. Didn't Cuddy say that the slightest hint he would have not forgotten what he did and would show any signs of violence etc. again - he'd be off? Yes she did ... and here we go.

I got rid off Allenby last week. I had a very very busy week as you might have seen on the lack of entries here. Sorry for that - but it was not possible for me to write.
First of all I had one appointment after another, clinic duty every day, meetings and when I finally got out of the hospital I wanted to spend the rest of the evening/night with Gregory. Don't ask how the flat looks like ... Geez! Thanks I had a bit of the weekend for doing the cleaning.

But I am drifting apart again.
I've seen Allenby on Wednesday during the ward round, on Thursday during the ward round and the lunch break ... and it was on Friday he came into my office.

I was sitting over my paperwork and checking some files when I heard the door opening without a knock, so I did not look up as the only person entering without a knock is Greg. I scribbled some notes down and murmured "House, what's up? Need a break?" and then I looked up with a smile upon my face. (He gets grumpy a bit now when I call him House)

My smile vanished when I saw Allenby leaning against the cupboard and watching me carefully.
"What do you want here?" I grawled and stared at him.
"I wanted to ask you why I am not working with you anymore, ... James."
"Don't dare calling me James again, it is no longer James for you, Allenby!" I snapped back and pointed at the closed door. "Out of here! I don't want to have you near me."

"Oh I see now! You are afraid." Allenby said with a soft voice. I felt the neck hair rising and where my stab wound was I felt a phantom pain.
"Out" I gasped when he approached slowly.
"No! I first want to know why I am not allowed working with you anymore. Why do I have to work with that Scotsman?"
I really tried to stay calm and took a deep breath in "Fine, I'll tell you and you freeze there!"

Was that a satisfied glance? Was it? The look I thought I'd seen was already gone ...

"You perfectly know why we don't want you to work with us. Neither I nor Gr... House want you around after what you have done and NOW - GO!"
Allenby shook his head and came some steps nearer again. I felt the sweat on my back and my stomach turned slightly. Only too good I remembered me laying on the cold ground in the Canadian wood ... with the darkness becoming part of me. It was only to fresh when I saw Gregory sitting in his living room surrounded by the police men.
"Is said freeze" I gnarled now and arose. Allenby first smiled and then his smile froze upon his face now and he stopped dead.
"You'll gonna kill me" he gasped.

I supported myself at the desk and fixed his eyes.
"Oh I could really do that you know ... Louis!" I spat out his name and then continued with a very bitter and cold tone.
"You won't do that!" he said and now he looked somewhat unsure.
I shrugged and laughed bitterly "Are you really sure about that? Don't you think I would have any right to do so?"

He shook his head slightly as though he wanted to become his mind clear again. "No ..."
I just nodded "Be sure, there are so many ways in my mind to do the most horrible things with you, you filthy bastard!" I now whispered.
Allenby perfectly understood every single word and he went pale. I could see him swallowing hard and he fumbled at his coat nervously.

"Don't let you hands slip into your pockets" I said - "I want to see them! ... Fine!"
He didn't know what to do and he looked very uncomfortably around.
"James ... ehm... Dr. Wilson" he started.
"Hold your tongue island monkey!" I barked at him. (sry to the British readers) "Arnello should have got the right to kill you. We really should have allowed that! I don't want you to work here! I don't want you to come close to us anymore! I don't want you in New Jersey! I don't want you in America! You nearly killed me, Chase and you tried to rape Gregory", I yelled at him.

Allenby looked stunned and he wanted to let his hands slip again in his pockets.
"Freeze! I did say, can't you listen?!" I grunted and thumped my fist on the desk. My monologue was interrupted by a shy knock on the door and a redhead peeking in.

"Everything fine?" Mrs. Granger asked and looked from one to another.
"Of course not!" I barked and she looked taken aback. Her jaw slightly dropped down and somehow this satisfied me. Yes not many people ever see nice Dr. Wilson in rage. Believe me the fire in me was burning all so high.

"Go and get Cuddy here! Immediately!" I said to Ginger and waved her out.
She nodded and I could have hugged her as she let the door open a bit. Sure I didn't not reveal my relief. I didn't want to let Allenby think I was afraid. But afraid was no expression, I was shocked and I was so pissed off!

"Cuddy? Why?" he asked me a bit weak.
"Why? I will tell you why! This never will work. You can't stay at the hospital as a doctor!"
"I changed ..." he replied and he gave me that watering puppy eye look. God! I hate that ...

"You did not change! I can't see you've changed!" I spat out again and tried to calm down afterwards. "How do you think this could work? As long as nobody knows what you did it will probably work somehow. But not for me! Not for Greg, not for Chase, not for Foreman and not for Cameron! We all know what you did! We perfectly all know it!"
He nodded hesitantly "I see ..."
"Fine you see it now! Why haven't you seen it before? Before you stabbed my side, before you nearly cut Chase throat and before you nearly fucked my husband!" I shouted again.

Allenby backed off and his face became even paler.
"Don't play the fool now! You know you were sooo close to do so. So damn close!" I felt myself shivering a bit and I tried to calm down, tried not to jump over the desk and beat him up until there would nothing more left of his face.

I really don't know if I would have done so. If I would have been able to do so - but I must admit, yes I fear I would have done so. I can be so very jealous and if he wouldn't have nearly killed me with that stab wound, I think I'd probably done it in the woods already.
It shouldn't be my time this time as well - as Cuddy chose the very moment to rush into my office.

"What is going on here?" she barked and look at me and then Allenby.
"It won't work, Cuddy" I said bitterly and pointed at Louis.
"Why not? He has changed. You can do with it! Try it!" she said in her typical tone.
I narrowed my eyes and stared at her. Try it? Try it?! Was she insane? TRY IT?

"Try it?" I asked very calm now. "Try it, huh?"
"Yes, try it for heaven's sake!" she snapped and gestured.
"Are you insane? Don't you know what he did?" I replied and shook my head slightly. I couldn't believe that! Try it!
She shrugged "Yes I do... well ... I think I know most of it. You had some little brawl and were accidently stabbed and so was Chase cut when he tried to help you. And House got kidnapped by him ... or perhaps they had some drug party or so."
My look must have been more than stunned and I let myself sink into the chair, rested my head in my hands and started to laugh madly after a few seconds of desbelief.

"What?" she wanted to know.
I looked up again and I don't know how my eyes must have looked like when I started to tell her what really happened! She went more than pale and had to sit down. Allenby stood there in shock and did not move (better for him).
After I'd finished the damn whole story, Cuddy swallowed hard and whispered "I ... I ... I didn't know that! Oh my goodness!"
Her look went from me to Allenby and her eyes narrowed. "You will come into my office now, Dr. Allenby!"
Allenby was only able to nod and both went out.

When they closed the door I felt my heart racing, felt it rushing through my veins and I was so glad sitting already as my knees went to jelly. Geez!
I needed a while to recover and my mind made several loops when I recalled what happened. I told him out! I told him out - and he will go! I saw it in Cuddy's face that he will have to leave now.

Yes, and I was right ... he had to leave - and as far as I know, he is abroad in England now. Good for us - bad for the Brits. I don't know if he will come back - but I pray to the God above that he will stay where he is.


Anonymous said...

Good Lord, Jim!
You didn't tell me anything about this incident.
I didn't even know he's not working here anymore. I was just glad he did not cross my way.
Oh, Jimmy, what a day...and afterwards I passed out with that damn shock.

Dr. James Wilson said...

Yes, I came to your office to tell you that but it was just the moment you hit the floor.

Damn, did you know my heart stopped! My heart stopped for a second or two or even more.

I love you - and I have to go now to the meeting. Be back in about an hour or so.

Dr. Eric Foreman said...


Anonymous said...

Aw, I love you hun.

Dr. James Wilson said...

I love you as well my dear