Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Point Pleasant 2nd

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By now Gregory knows what happened in Point Pleasant at the very Saturday and why just came back on Sunday.

So now I can tell you as well - dears!

"How much would it cost then?"
I nearly could have heard her clapping her hands in excitement ...
"I thought about selling it for $ 220,000" she said and paused.

$220,000 - GEEZ! Okay it is not so that I don't have the money on my account ... ehm ... we don't have it on our account. We do have that money - that is for sure. But wooosh ... it is still a lot.

She noticed my hesitation and said "I know, I know ... it only has 2 bedrooms and one of it is really tiny. The price is not fixed yet. What do you think about it?"
I scribbled some notes down and then cleared my throat.
"What do you think about having coffee or tea together and we can then talk about it, okay?" I heard myself speaking and really thought "James, are you sure about it?!"

"That sounds really fantastic, Mr. Wilson! Will you both come here?"
"No, no ... it will just be me coming, as my husband is in the hospital at the moment."
"I see. A lot of work ..." she answered and I didn't correct her as I though it might be not Gregory's wish that everyone would know he is not feeling that well currently.

So we fixed the date for 2 p.m.
After hanging up the phone I sat there for a while and thought about it.
Greg had mentioned before he would love to have a house there. He said he would love to buy that house if it would ever be possible ... so ... why not?!

Okay there is the point that most of the time the house would be empty, as we wouldn't have the chance to spend every weekend there - we are still working as doctors and this means ... a lot of work (although you might probably think we don't work a lot ... wrong!) and there is already the little fishing hut up in Canada. Good the hut is a family hut - but it is mostly me using it - me or my sister if she wants to be alone from time to time.

Did I really want it ... Did I really want to buy it?! Yes and No - I really have to admit it.

Yes - because it would just be wonderful having an own house with Greg.
Yes - because it is "our" cottage.
Yes - because it would make him more than happy.
Yes - because he would just not believe me and be more than showing me later how he loves me for that ...

No - because it is a lot of money
No - because we won't have much time to use it
No - because ... well that was it.

I picked up the phone again and called my financial adviser ... my Mom. Don't laugh now! She is pretty good in it - and she knows if it is right or not. Say it is her instincts, okay?!

Some blahblah later (about 30 minutes), we came to the point and it took another half an hour 'till we finished the phone call. Why do mothers always talk that long?

Wanna hear (read) what she said so? Thought so - hehe.

To shorten it down:
"Oh dear! Of course you should do that. ... Why not doing it? ... That is no reason ... Uhu ... No we can also use it, if we are allowed to. Yes! See ... it would be great! And sure we would ask you before. James don't be so realistic - you do have the money! Take the money from the heritage. Which one? The one from grandma Wilson."

Oh yes - the heritage - right ... there still was money left. Well, okay I have to admit there was enough money left to buy two houses. No wife did know that - why not? Because it is not belonging to me ... it is under the hands of my mother (I told you she is the financial boss in the family). She never wanted to give it to me until she was really sure that it would be for a good purpose...

"You want to give me the money for it?" I asked her slightly taken aback.
"For you and Gregory? Of course I would do that!" she replied.
"Aw, I see. You never wanted to give it to me when I asked you for one of my wives. Why?"
"Dear! For heaven's sake it was so clear that you wouldn't have them for the rest of your life!"

I gnawed my lower lip and rubbed my neck.
"I see! And it is now clear?"
"Sure it is - you two are belonging to each other. You sure give each other some hard times as well - but you belong to. A blind man could see that! You can have the money if you want to buy it. And it is such a cosy little cottage!"

Yes sure - I nearly forgot - they already knew the cottage as we celebrate Thanksgiving there together. So I nodded and a broad smile appeared upon my face.

"Fine then ..."
"Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh you will do it?" she screamed out.
Nearly deaf now I answered "Yes I think I'll do it!"
"Oh my son, I am so proud now! So proud! Don't forget to bargain!"
I had to shake my head ... buying something without bargaining - impossible for my Mom.


To be continued - have to go shopping for dinner now! It will be home-made pizza!


Anonymous said...

Ruth really said that?
God...I'm blushing.
You are so sweet hun...I still can't believe it.
No...I can't.

Erychan said...

Oh my, this really cheered me up xD Thanks. Your life is so much fun!*heart*

Dr. James Wilson said...

Just stop on by from time to time - I am glad to cheer you up, dear!