Saturday, January 13, 2007

Driving to Point Pleasant

Hello readers!

If there are any ... what I really doubt from time to time. Nonetheless I will bother you with all the things going on here.

So what's up?!

We will be driving to PP today. Greg is on tenterhooks and he wants to see our house now. For sure he knows it already but he said that it is now different because it is ours.

Ours ... yes - right!

Sometimes I think that this must just be a dream and I find myself often enough twitching my arm. Not waking up ... it is real!

We are packing some stuff for today and tomorrow, as we will stay overnight.

Just entered some pictures I made into DeviantArt and I will have to carry the box of Black Sheep into the car now (YES - I ordered some from Santa Monica ... hehe).

See you around (Greg is currently carrying his notebook to the car).

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