Monday, January 22, 2007

Gastroenteritis ...and a bit more

mood: busy and sick

music: Queen - Who wants to live forever

I hope that everyone knows this more than genious piece of music! I love it anyway - hmm, would be a nice movie to watch again: Highlander!

Think I'll ask Greg if he wants to watch it today. Could do with some good music and a really good movie ... Queen rocks!


As you might have figured out due to the header - I am sick again. Yes yes I know! First the fish poisoning on Friday what ruined the whole evening and night, as well as Saturday until the late afternoon.

Okay I have to admit that we were out on Saturday evening and we really had a wonderful dinner in that Chinese restaurant. Geez! We laughed our asses off because they had a soya bottle with a pourer that looked like a ... ehm ... part of a human body.

At that time we already had enough of the plum wine and beer and we were so madly laughing.
"Gosh, James! I really have to send that to Foreman!" Greg said with tears of laughter in his eyes and made a photo with his cell of that hilarious bottle.
"Go ahead, go ahead" I giggled.

Foreman's response was more or likely as we already had foretold ... "How much did you have? You are drunk!" blablabla ...
Oh it was so funny - we really enjoyed it.

Aw and by the way, Foreman - YES is my answer to your question concerning the rumor!

The night was long, funny and extremely ... interesting. Perhaps Greg will tell about it. We got to sleep at about 5 am and you might be able to imagine that the Sunday was very very lazy.

My stomach problems returned and we first thought it still was due to the fish ... but when I started to sweat and shivered, felt shitty and totally sick - Mr. Differential Diagnosis soon figured out that it turned out to be a gastroenteritis.

I am at work though ... a bunch of paperwork to do and some clinic duty as well.

Not to mention the new case Danby got - a girl with probably Leukemia. Although she shows some typical symptoms I am not quite sure if it is Leukemia - we will have to wait for the results. If it is negative, Gregory will be having a new case.

Her current symptoms are: enlarged liver and spleen, she did loose weight, weak and fatigue and have headaches quite often.

So we will have to wait for the test results ...

I will now go to Greg and bring him a fudge with cream! He loves that ...

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Dr. Gregory House said...

Hrrrrmmmmm....yes, Mr. Differential Diagnosis loves it.