Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Another poem: The prize to be paid

Yes I know - another poem. If you don't wanna read it - just ignore.

There is shelter, there is pain,
there we all go through the everlasting flame.

We go and go and never stop,
we go until we reach the top.

There we bow,
we make our vow.

Our lives we put into your mighty hands,
although it might only be you, who really understands.

We pray to you and tears we cry.
Far away the others hear our screamed out "WHY?"

The answer to this question is:
"It is what it is - and none can change this.

Accept your destiny and reach out your hand,
soon my dears you will understand!

Keep you vows and don't be afraid,
there will be a precious prize to be paid!"

I know, I know ... it is very spiritual - but hey - let me just be, okay! Ehm .. written by me, again.


Anonymous said...

It is beautiful.
Beutiful like you.

Dr. James Wilson said...

Oh ... thank you dear.

You know it made me blush now.

Julia Brooklyn said...

*g* I think you are REALLY talented, have you ever thought about using this talent somehow? It would be a pity to hide that.