Friday, January 26, 2007

Pranks ...

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music: Tori Amos - Winter

You know what HE did to me, do you? Of course you do know it, 'cause I assume you already have read his blog entry.

I did fall asleep on the sofa and was really fast asleep until ... well until I noticed that something was wrong. I opened my eyes and shifted slightly ...
'What the heck?!' I mumbled and my hand wandered to some delicate body place. My eyes popped immediately open and I jumped up.
"What..." I disbelieve I looked down on the sofa and the spot there, I checked my trousers and while looking down I saw the bowl on the floor.

"FUCK! You idiot!!!" I shouted and removed my pants.
"Bastard!!!" With this word I rushed into the bathroom undressed, put my clothes into the washing machine, put on a bathrobe, grabbed some cleaning tissue and moistened it.
"DAMN!" I tried to erase the spot from the sofa and my anger was even rising.
"Fuck it fuck it FUCK IT!!!" How embarassing this was ... I peed on the fucking sofa! And he - he was still asleep ... Gawd!

I went into the bedroom and looked at him - how he lay there ... innocently like an angel. HA!
'Be prepared, sleeping beauty!", I gnarled and grabbed me some clothes and his cane. He still had his eyes closed ... Good! I left the room with these things and went into the kitchen.

Under the sink I found what I was looking for - a rasp! So I sat there for approximately half an hour and filed half through his cane - always hoping he would be still sleeping ...and yes he was. After having prepared everything and having cleaned the saw dust away I tiptoed back into the bedroom, finding Gregory sleeping like a little baby and put the cane back to his old place.

This little menace ...

I bought me a bagle and a coffee at Starbucks and made my way to the hospital. As I had a lot of work in the morning I didn't saw Gregory and he didn't came by to see why I did leave without him ... for sure not!

It was somewhat around lunch time when I heard a knocking at the balcony door. I looked up and found Greg out there. I raised an eyebrow and hesitated, "Should I just let him stand there?" I thought but then stood up and opened the door.

"I really had to look whether you are here or not. Why did you leave that early this morning?" Gregory asked me when I let him in.

I just snorted and first refused to talk to him.
"What's up? Did I miss something?" he asked me with an innocent expression upon his face.
"What's up?! What's up?!!! Don't try to fool me!" I exclamated and pointed at him with a finger.

Greg backed off and even looked more innocently.
"I don't know what you are talking about" he said - but I saw the devil there in his eyes.
"You ... you ... you..." I stammered.
"I ... I ... I?"
"You ...TEASE!!!" I yelled and looked him deep in the eyes. "You IDIOT! You perfectly know what you did!"

"Nope" he said and shrugged.
A deep sigh emerged from my lips and I rolled my eyes towards the ceiling.
"Gregory House!" I moaned and rubbed my neck.
"James Evan Wilson?" he replied and looked questioningly.

I gestured in the air and after another sigh I said "Drop it! You will invite me for lunch now!"
He nodded and grinned "That is why I am here."
"Fine, fine. Let's go and don't think I've forgotten it."
"You make me curious now" Gregory answered and we made our way to the cafeteria.

We were walking side-by-side down the corridor and Gregory gave me some side glances from time to time.
"You are up to something, aren't you?" he suddenly said.
"Huh? Oh, I wouldn't do that." I said and then heard a little cracking sound.

I heard Greg swearing and just walked on without blinking, a few steps later I stopped turned around and looked at Gregory, who was laying on the floor with his broken cane.
"Wow. Looks like somebody filed halfway through your cane while you were sleeping" I said and looked at him with a blank expression.
He just lay there and blinked back his mouth slightly opened.

I turned around again walked away.
"HEY, James!" I heard him calling me but didn't turn around.
"WILSON!" he yelled when the corridor doors swung closed behind me.
Just then I allowed a grin appearing on my face.

Yes he was slightly pissed off after that - but he deserved it and he knew he did ... well there was a "making good" from both of us later that day.


Dr. Gregory House said...

I derserved it?
I fell on my face and hurt my chin in front of so many people!

Dr. James Wilson said...

We alreay made up again, didn't we. So let's drop it now ...

I took care of your chin and tongue, didn't I?

Julia Brooklyn said...

What a nice little story :)