Friday, January 12, 2007

Point Pleasant - the last part

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Yes I know I owe you the last part of how the cottage get bought. MySpace distracted me a bit as it is very funny there. Geez, so many people around ... fascinating. I promise we behave ... ehm ... most of the time.

By the way, I love this song! I just love it!

Now here we go ... where have we been? Aw, I see ... the talk with Arnello. I don't have to repeat every single word said, do I? No? Good!

Just let me say that he found out why I was going to Point Pleasant. What more? Nothing
Did he buy us the house? Sure not!
Did he do anything for it? Well, not exactly

Okaaaaay ... It must have been a coincidence (are there any?) that Mrs. Acklewood is the mother of a friend of a cousin of Arnello's sister. (Did you know he has a sister as well? No? Nor did I)

When I arrived in Point Pleasant after having visited Gregory who was fast asleep when I came to the clinic - so I just placed the Macchiato and the flowers on his nightstand with a silly post-it on it and off I was again - I was greeted by a smiling Mrs. Acklewood.

"Dr. Wilson, I did not know that you are a friend of little Joey" she said while handing me some scones.
"Ehm... friend is too much to say. Gregory, Dr. House, saved the life of his brother" I said while grabbing the jam and the clotted cream. (She is British)
"I see" she said with a smile.

We drank our tea and after a while she patted my knee and said "For friends the house is only $ 200,000".
I swallowed and must have looked puzzled a bit, as she was beaming then.
"Mrs. Acklewood, I don't know what to say..." I stammered and noticed blushing slightly.
"What about: Jesus then I will take the house without hesitation!" she answered with a little wink.

A little laughter slipped out of my mouth and I nodded.
"Jesus, then I will take the house without hesitation!"
She has such a warm laughter the little lady ...

We talked some more hours and did not notice how the time passed by. She did send the contract to my Mom by fax, as she (my Mom) had to fill in the data for the bank. (I already told you that she is the money keeper)
Our little talk was accompanied with some tea and rum now ... and the final signature was celebrated with a bottle of champagne. She insisted on it!

Of course I was unable to drive back and so she handed me the keys for the house (OURS) and said "You better stay here overnight, Mr. Wilson, James". (Our spelling wasn't that clear anymore)
"Thank you, Elisa!" I answered and then we said good-bye.

Our house ... our house!


Anonymous said...

Aw! I wish I'd been there, too.

Dr. James Wilson said...

Tomorrow we will be there - if there will be no new case.

You don't have to work, do you?

Anonymous said...

No...I'm off duty