Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Not much time

mood: busy like a bee

music: Damian Marley - All night

Hello sick people ... oh wait that would be the wrong person telling this, right?

Okay fine - you might be right I am spending too much time with Gregory. But let me tell you what - I won't change it! Hehe

Reggae in da morn' - yesssss ...

Could currently listen to it all the day. Might have something to do with what happened while we listened to it - ehm... yesterday.

We were sitting in the living room and Greg was looking up from his notebook with a broad grin upon his face.
"Huh?" I asked and frowned.
"Oh, just got a nice idea!" he replied, stood up and searched through his CDs.

Next thing I noticed was some reggae music filling the air of the living roon and him approaching me.
I raised my eyebrow and started to grin because he reached out his left hand - well I took it and then we ... ehm ... started to move our hips to the beat.

I won't tell you what he all did - but let me tell you it was hooooooooooooot maaaaan!

Still have to grin and now I am listening to that special song again ... and I think I need to consult him during the day.

By the way, thanks to a friend from DA for that reggae idea ... Greg later showed me the "poem" he read before that.

Really a nice experience ...

Clinic duty for me now!

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Dr. Gregory House said...

Clinic duty for me, too...
If you'd like to consult me: I'm in exam room 6.