Saturday, January 20, 2007

What a week

mood: starting to relax

music: Greg's voice humming in the bathroom

This week really was packed with work. Sorry for not having written but I really had a lot of work to do and was not in the mood to write in the evening - well, sometimes it is like that when you are a doctor.

Julie never got it but I hope you, dear readers, do get it. Just busy you know ...

Of course I could tell you about all the boring clinic duty, all the boring appointments and all the damn boring paper work. However, I won't tell you about it. Are you relieved now? I would be if I were you ... hehe.

I am currently sitting in the living room, notebook on my lab and have a cup of tea standing right before me. Tea? Tea exactly ...

I am a bit sick - again? Again!

I felt pretty good all the time - until the lunch break. Okay, well until somewhen in the middle of the afternoon. I was having lunch in the cafeteria ... accompanied by Greg and Danby. They talked about single malt whiskey and I enjoyed my halibut with rice and spinach and did just listen.

I like single malt but I don't know that much about it, Greg is the nerd with it. Gregory had a salad (with steak underneath) and Danby had some pasta I think. Yes, pasta mista he had, right I remember now.

The lunch break was fun and I really enjoyed it just sitting there, watching and listening to Gregory. I can do that for hours and hours ... ehm yes, I just sighed, right. Fool in love? Is that what you thought now? Hm - could be, could be.

After the lunch break Greg had to rush back to his ducklings for the test results etc., and so Danby and I made our way back to the oncology department.

"Are you okay, Dr. Wilson?" he asked me.
I gave him a side glance, "Ehm, yes why do you ask that?"
Danby shrugged, "You were very quiet during the lunch. I hope it was not because of me?"
"No, no it was not because of you. I just ... just... just don't know what to talk about single malt and all the weird movies you also talked about" I replied.
He stopped and looked at me "But you could have said a word? We could have ..."
"No, no" I waved at him "I enjoyed the lunch."

"You really did?"
"Yes, I really did" I said and gave him an assuring smile.
"Oh ... oh ... okay" he said and beamed at me.

We talked then about a new patient of his and I followed him to the said one afterwards. It was another afternoon packed with work. I just sat above my paper work when I felt the sensation of a hurting stomach.

"What the heck!" I mumbled when I felt the first cramp. The spasm was followed by the urge to run as quick as I could to loo. It was damn necessary to run ... I vomited my soul out afterwards. Not only once - believe me. I had a really shitty afternoon and evening as well.

Fish poisoning! Of course I was not the only person having this problem as many others had halibut as well. Hm, as far as I heard two other staff members of the hospital got poisened with it. Lucky it was not the complete fish delivery that was rotten.

The nice and cosy evening at the Indian restaurant, Gregory had planned, was now rinsed down the loo - in every sense of meaning!

Gregory was such a good companion in the evening - he brought me new tea, warming flasks and even held my head ... ehm ... yes - well he was loveable and I looked like crap!

We are close to leave to Point Pleasant now - this I really don't want to spoil although my stomach still is a mess. Tea and zwieback for me today and if I behave I may have some soup later. Fun - yes - really fun!

So I might tell you later that day if I had my delicious soup or not.


Dr. Gregory House said...

Your delicious soup...
Hun, you are so sweet!

Dr. James Wilson said...

What? Yes delicious ... so plain and so clear and so ...