Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Poem: Like a flying dove

This one was written a few minutes ago ... I dedicate it to my ocean, my water element ...

Your eyes are like an ocean so deep and blue,
I can see the love inside and it feels all so true.

Thy words are like water for my soul,
thy touch makes me feeling good and whole.

You are my sun, my everything.
you are the lake I want to be drowning in.

So I close my eyes and open my arms,
slowly I fall and succumb your charms.

My fire now sinks down under your skin,
thy love is the water I am now swimming in.

Both we drown in the ocean of love,
upstream we swim easy like a flying dove.


Anonymous said...

Oh my God!
This brought me to tears...
SO beautiful and touching.

Julia Brooklyn said...

You know what I think about your poems - this one is also great!

Dr. James Wilson said...

I am so glad you like it, my buttercup.

Thanks for it - Jules.