Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Why Point Pleasant?

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Some of you might already have asked yourself why I did drive to Point Pleasant on Saturday. Okay I've already stated that I've booked some nice little house for us ... yes an it is our little cottage there.

Just booking I said ... did you really believe me? GOOD!

I got a phone call on Saturday morning from the land lady there - she is a really nice elderly woman and she noticed that we love the little cottage. It is really cosy there and a perfect hideaway for a couple you know.

It was about 8.30 a.m. when the phone rang, I was sitting in the kitchen and drinking my cup of coffee and soon wanted to go to visit Gregory as he had to stay in the hospital. I picked up the phone and grunted a "Wilson".
"Mr. Wilson this is Elisa Acklewood speaking from Point Pleasant. Do you remember me?"
"Of course I do remember you Mrs. Acklewood. What is the matter?" I asked her and tried to rememeber if we broke anything or did make a reservation or so ... but I had no clue why she did call.

"Well, Mr. Wilson you might perhaps no be surprised but I noticed that you and your ..." she paused and I continued "...husband".
"aw... right - your husband. I wasn't quite sure you know. You are a wonderful couple!" And I really heard her beaming. I couldn't avoid a grin appearing upon my face and listened carefully.
"But I am getting off the track. Well, Mr. Wilson you see I am not becoming younger and I am about to sell the little cottage at Point Pleasant."
"Oh" I said with a bit of disappointment. "Why is she calling?" I thought...

"See and I thought I might just ask you, if you'd be interested in buying the cottage. Because I know you really like it there and I'd rather give it to someone I like."
I stared into the coffee mug and swallowed hard. A house ... a house with Gregory ... a house in Point Pleasant ... a little cottage there. Geez! My thoughts raced and I checked our financial status in my head and then cleared my throat.
"Mrs. Acklewood, I am stunned now."
"Oh" I heard here saying with a clear disappointment in her voice. Before she could carry on I said "How much would it cost then?"


The rest I will write a bit later ... now I have an appointment with Gregory!


Anonymous said...

Oh my God!
Did you?
You..really did?
Did you buy it?

Dr. James Wilson said...

I told you lately ... well, ehm, ... 20 minutes ago now!

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, I still can't believe it!

Dr. James Wilson said...

You better believe it!