Saturday, August 02, 2008

It is August ... gosh!

Goodness it is August already - and I forgot to write for nearly two months.

I am awfully sorry - but I had so little time. The work in the hospital did not stop and then - well, you know that I suppose - family wants time as well.

My last entry was on the 9th of June - and now it is the 2nd of August ... geez! Time is running away.

As you know I am not the one who wants to talk about business here - and wouldn't it be boring if I would tell you about all my cases or all patients at the PPTH? Anyway - I am not allowed to inform you about such cases.

We did spend the bit of freetime in our little house at Point Pleasant - but unfortunately that time was more than just rare!
Gregory is so busy and really, really needs a break ...

But let me tell you something: We will spend our summer vacations in Europe!
So looking forward to it - and for sure there will be something to tell.

So - please keep checking my blog ... there will be a few entries (lets hope) in the next time!

Oh - before I forget it: Vacations will be England, Ireland, Paris, Rome, Venice and Gibraltar!

I bet it will fucking gorgeous!


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