Friday, February 01, 2008

Computer crashed!

Hello dear fellows!

Is there any excuse for being that rare at the moment? I don't even know if anyone is still checking my site though ... sorry for the long break again.

My excuse ... well - my computer crashed and so I could not write. Of course, I could have written from my office though - but as I had to share my office with one of my colleagues for the last two weeks (his room had to be renovated) - I had no chance to!

That is my excuse for not having written anything on here. I hope you can accept that ...

Today I have a bit of time and perhaps I will write down some happenings.


Alice said...

Aw, that's okay. I know how that is, I hate it! I'm still checking your blog! I really like reading it.

Dr. Eric Foreman said...

Hey, Dr. Wilson!

Was mich betrifft, mache ich mich doch gar nicht so rar! ;)
Ich würde auch gerne etwas schreiben, wäre mein Leben nicht gerade so unspektakulär. *g*

Im Übrigen besuche ich Ihr Blog so gut wie täglich!
Und ich bin schon gespannt auf die neuen Einträge!

Hermine Granger said...

Yep, I have to admit that I am also here often... nearly every day...
But I know how this is... sometimes you have no time, then no computer and then there is nothing left to write... it's pity, but it is like it is... C'est la vie *g*
Looking forward of new posts,