Thursday, October 26, 2006

The evening after the evening

So Foreman can be happy again!

The ride back home was not that interesting - we both kept silent, only Greg gave me some short side glances.

When Greg has opened the door he looked at me "What about making yourself comfortable and changing your clothes" with these words he pointed at my shirt.
I looked down "Shit!" I swore as I noticed the dark spot, I touched the spot slightly and sniffed "Beer - well this will wash out." I turned around and hobbled into the bathroom, took off my shirt and looked whether something could be seen from the punch. An ugly looking hematoma blinked on my chest, I carefully touched it and was relieved that it was nothing worse. "You really have the luck on your side, Jim" I told my mirror image.

Frustrated as I was I let some cold water ran over my head and washed my hands and face as well. I really felt a bit better now. Now I only had to change my clothes and everything would be fine again.

I was making my way to the sleeping room as I was - only dressed in trousers and shoes - when I heard a soft whistling behind me. I turned around and looked in Greg's eyes, who was on his way to the living room with two pints of Guinness in his hand. He eyeballed me carefully and then let his eyes wander over my chest - this caused a rising heat in my body. "You can stay like that" he said and leered. I smiled back, turned around and went into the bedroom.

I got rid off my trousers and grabbed my pyjama trousers and also wanted to put on my pyjama shirt but then remember how Greg reacted and so I just led it lying there with a smile upon my face. Dressed with my pants I hobbled back into the living room. In the meantime, Greg had created a nice atmosphere, lit some candles and the soundtrack of "Lord of the Rings" was playing. He half lay on the sofa with a glas of scotch in his hand and had his eyes closed. What a seductive sight, I thought.

"Do you want a Guinness as well or will you stay with the scotch?" I asked him and grabbed a pint for me. "Scotch" he replied. Fine then - and poured a glass for me. I sat next to Greg on the sofa and closed my eyes as well. It was really good to be here - this was the thing I longed for the whole evening.

"This doesn't look good!" Greg suddenly spoke and I suddenly felt his fingers touching my bruise gently. His touch caught my breath, "Does it hurt?" he asked. I shook my head "No" I could only reply hoarsely - damn how could he thrill me with only a touch? Greg let his eyes wander deeper and noticed what he caused. It only made him smile and he leaned back "Pitty!" I looked at him with a surprised expression on my face "Pardon?" "A pitty, that it doesn't hurt!" "Whats the matter with you? Did you want to see me suffering?" He just gave me a side glance "Well, perhaps you deservered it? Or why did that guy wanted you to mess you up?" "I don't believe that!" I exclaimed "You think that I hit on that girl?" He only lifted an eyebrow "God, Greg I didn't do anything. She addressed me and I only answered - that was when the guy came by and punched me!" "Simple that?" he answered sarcastically "Yeah, so simple!" I grabbed my pint angrily and took a mouthful.

"Hm...well, there is still the fact that you came in there arm in arm with Geinen." I looked at him "You've seen us?" He shrugged "Why didn't you came by?" "Why should I? You seemed to have fun and I had mine as well?" "With Chase?" I said unbelievingly. "Yes, with Chase!" I merely gasped "Fine then!" I emptied my pint without saying something and then poured me another. Of course I already knew at that time that it wouldn't be wise as I had already one too much, but I gave a damn on that at that very moment.

I felt Greg's eyes in my back but when I turned around he had closed his eyes again. I leaned back again and looked at him while sipping at my beer. He was too good looking that evening. His head turned around and he opened his eyes and looked at me "I didn't like it that this moron has laid his arms around you" he meant dryly, I only gave him a speechless look "no, I really didn't like it". With these words he bent forward, took away my glass, lay his hands upon my hips and pulled me deeper into the sofa. My eyes were wide open and my heart was racing, then he kissed my bruise very gently - I really couldn't avoid groaning. This seemed to prod Greg to start kissing and stroking my entire body. I wanted to comb his hair with my hands, but he grabbed them and pressed them into the cushion "I want you" murmered in my ear - the same did I.

He made it very clear to me how he wanted me when I got laid and this time it were his hands pinching my back and he biting me in the shoulder. We half lay on the sofa, half on the ground exhausted and after I could have managed to breath normally I stood up and brought him his Vicodin bottle. He gave me a thankful smile "You really know what I need" he just said and grinned, I replied that grin and blushed slightly.

„So?“ he asked, „Will you now think about who you embrace?" I just looked at him my mouth open then I finally shrugged "I'll see". Greg narrowed his eyes, I turned around and then said dryly "Perhaps you can convince me of it ..." and headed towards the bedroom.

We felt asleep very late that night and before dozing off I whispered "You convinced me".


Dr. Gregory House said...

Nebenan hat es grade tump gemacht...
Ob ich mal schauen sollte, ob mit Foreman alles okay ist?

Dr. James Wilson said...

Vielleicht ... oder aber du kommst zu mir rüber.

Dr. Gregory House said...

Ich schau kurz nach Foreman und dann komm ich rüber.
Soll ich was mitbringen?

Dr. James Wilson said...

Kaffee hab ich hier ...

Dr. Gregory House said...

Gut...drei Sekunden und ich bin da.

tessa said...

Das ist aber schön!

Dr. James Wilson said...

Ein Kommentar! Vielen Dank Tessa, das bedeutet mir viel.

Dr. Allison Cameron said...

Und, wie ging es Foreman? *gg*

Dr. Gregory House said...

Er hat zumindest mich den ganzen Tag nicht mehr angeschaut.