Monday, October 23, 2006

Telling the truth

I have placed the lab results on Greg's desk and really hoped that he would come to my office before the meeting. Well, and he finally gave me a call - announcing he would come around in a minute.

I walked from one side of the office to the other totally lost in nervousness as I suddenly heard the knock on the door. I took a deep breath and opened it, Greg was standing in front of the door, looking unsecure and I noticed that he rather would like to be somewhere else. Our glances met and we only looked at each other without saying a word, I stepped aside and said with a soft voice "Come in". Gregory nodded and went to the visitors' chair, let himself drop into it speechless and grabbed the coffee pot. Bourbon was poured in the mug and mixed with a bit of coffee "You want some?" he asked without turning around.

I was standing behind him right now and only soft-spoke "Please". My knees were trembling and my stomach was cramped - I placed my hands upon his shoulder and felt him tensing. Greg leaned back his head and starred me in the eyes. I could have drowned in that blue, so unsecure, so vulnerable, I hesitated if I could risk it and ... then I caressed the nape of his neck.

Gregory was justabout to say something when we heard the knocking. I swore inwardly - damn I've forgotten to turn the key. I backwarded and let my hands drop - that was when the ducklings entered the room.

Chase greeted with a "Here we are! We have seen House on the way to your office and thought the meeting was rescheduled!" I could have strangled them - but I only pointed at the sofa and remained next to Gregory. The case was discussed and a further proceeding decided. Finally he gave them some tasks and at last they left the room one after another. Cameron stopped at the door and gave Greg a questioning look "Ehm, don't you come as well, Dr. House?" I looked at her "Dr. House and I have something to discuss.", "Oh, well" she replied and went off.

I went to the door quickly, checked the hallway and closed the door - this time with turning the key. Then I turned around and remained standing at the door, watching Greg playing with his cane. I told myself "Common James, you can do this! You nearly was about to tell him ..." So I stepped up to him hesitantly and it was when I finally reached him that he stood up and gave me a firm look.

"Listen James, I know I have surprised you with what I've said and I know it is completely nutty. But, well, I can't convince you that it was merely a joke, can I?" I grinned "No, you can't". He nodded "Ah, thats what I guessed", he said and let his head drop. I placed my left hand on his shoulder and lifted his chin with two finger of my right hand, so I could see him in the eyes.

"Greg..." I started but was suddenly interrupted by him saying hoarsely "Oh what the heck" then he lay one arm around my neck and pulled me closer to him "when you are going to send me to hell, then I'll give you a better reason" he said throatily and kissed me.

I was stunned at first and when I finally realized what was going on, the tense feeling in my stomach relaxed and I let my hand wander from his shoulder to his neck and replied his kiss. Greg sighed and deepened his kiss until he noticed that I haven't pushed him away but, however, was returning his kiss.

He stopped kissing me and stepped back looking at me surprised "You have ... you aren't ...". I gave him a shy smile and shrugged, then I looked him deeply in the eyes and murmured "Do you know by now who is the one having blue eyes and starting with 'G'?"

He was still stunned and gave me an asking look - then he blinked and I could see that he got the clue at last ..."It's me?"

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