Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Part 2 ...

I let my head drop back and closed my eyes - I was glad sitting. "Do you have a light for me?" I suddenly heared a female voice. I opened my eyes and looked at the questioning person - a young woman, extremly pretty with long blond hair and with a mashing smile. I shook my head "Sorry, but I don't smoke."
Instead of walking away the girl sat down on the chair beside me "I haven't seen you here before, are you here on business?" she asked, "No I live here, but never been here before yet." I replied and looked around uncomfortable - damn where was Geinen. "So you live here ... what are you doing? Are you a lawyer?" then she looked down at me, noticed my black trousers, my black shirt and looked up again "No you aren't a lawyer, too good looking." I swallowed slightly - shit, where is help when you need it. "No I am a doctor" I replied shortly. "Oooooh, what kind of doctor are you? Dentist, gynecolist...?" I shook my head (damn Geinen!) and just wanted to answer as I noticed a huge guy heading towards us. My next thought was - Shit!

He stood next to the girl, pulled her out of the chair "What are you talking with that man?" "He ...he invited me for a drink" the girl lied - I froze in my seat - he turned around - well and what comes next happened all so fast ...

That huge guy grabbed me by the collar and pulled me up "You bastard! You son of a bitch! Are you hitting on my girl?" - next thing I noticed was his fist BANG - he punched me in the stomach. The girl screamed out and her glass shattered on the floor.

The punch made me collapse, from the corner of my eyes I saw Daniel running up the stairs, tipping the huge guy on the shoulder "ASSHOLE" Geinen shouted and punched the guy hard in the face - he felt over and Geinen rushed over to me and wanted to help me up but the guy tripped him up and Geinen felt on the ground, I was trying to stand up, still catching breath and ignoring the pain in my foot. The guy jumped up, saw my movement and pushed me back on the floor, then he hit Daniel in the stomach with his foot. Daniel collapsed and was about standing up again when the guy punched him down with his fist- I could see that people have been coming up the stairs checking what was going on and to my surprise I saw Greg standing there at the back making his way forward.

The big guy was on top of Geinen at that time, trying to make a bloody mess of him - when suddenly Greg swung his cane across the guys face - a loud sickening crack could be heard when the cane hit the face - the bastard felt over and you could see that this crack was caused by a broken nose. I looked at Greg thankfully, who merely looked at me with a questioning glance - I could read an "Are you okay?" in it - I just nodded. Greg hubbled over, grabbed my arm and helped me up and whispered in my ear "Look at the company you keep" with these words he glared at Geinen who managed to get up. The guy was meanwhile held back by the bouncers - who finally had arrived.

Chase came forward from the back, looking astonished "What happened?" Geinen looked at Greg then at the cane with a slightly irritated look on his face and looked back at Greg then. Greg raised his eyebrow and said "Well, we thought we might have some tea together, Chase. Poor you missed all the fun!" Then he whispered to me so that I could only here him "And we have to talk when we are at home!" I could only nod slightly.

Daniel though looked a bit pissed - well he is not used to needing some help and is - as Greg is - not very good in saying "Thanks". One of the bouncers turned to us "And you should leave now!" I gave a nod and grabbed Daniel's arm "Thanks, pal!" - he only grunted "I wasn't the one who made the day!" "No it was the cripple who saved your kidneys" it came from Greg who stood right beside me. "Hitting a guy from behind is very noble though" Geinen grunted back.

I gave a sigh and looked at Chase who still looked a bit puzzled, "Let''s get out of here. Please!" I said with a disbelieving look upon my face. I could see that they wanted to say something and made a stopping gesture "And stop acting like two roosters in a henhouse! Both of you!" with these words I hobbled down the stairs - knowing they would follow me.

Outside I leaned against the wall and waited for the others to arrive. Geinen was the first outside, then came Greg who was followed by Chase. Geinen came to me "Jim I'll be off now" I looked at him "Are you sure? Shouldn't we go to a hospital or so?" - he snorted "I am a doctor as well, Jim. I don't need one. It is ...nothing." "Well, I'm sorry for what happened" - he waved it aside "It wasn't your fault. You did nothing ..." "No I didn't" I answered and combed with my fingers through my hair. "See - I'll have a short walk and hail a taxi", he put his hand in the pocket of his jacket, pulled out his cigarettes and lit one.

Then he turned to Greg who was still standing near the door watching us and gave him a short nod. To my surprise Greg just nodded back and Daniel turned around and walked away."So, Mr. Punching Ball what's next? Wanna go to the next bar starting a fight?" Greg addressed me. I turned around and saw Greg standing there alone "Where is Chase?" I asked - "I sent him home - too much excitement isn't good for him, you know. Now tell me - next bar? Beating some guy up? I think I should train my handicap a bit" and he swung his cane like a golf club.

"No" I shook my head "I only want to go home - and want you to hold me" I answered. He looked at me and to my surprise remained silent, then he murmed "Let's go then!"


Dr. Gregory House said...

Ein sehr...spaßiger Abend.
Ob wir das mal wiederholen sollten?

Dr. James Wilson said...

Wenn du dieses mal den Punching Ball spielen willst ...

Dr. Gregory House said...

Nein, kein Bedarf.
Aber wir könnten Dr. G mitnehmen und ihn den Punching Ball geben lassen.
Ich würde mir dann auch extra Zeit lassen, die Angreifer zu vermöbeln.

Dr. James Wilson said...

Ihr beide seid unmöglich!

Adeline said...

Scheint wirklich ein sehr ereignisreicher Abend gewesen zu sein.

Ich hoffe Ihrem Fuss geht es etwas besser ...

Dr. Gregory House said...

Er hat sich noch nichtmal für seine Rettung bedankt.
Das nächste Mal, wenn ich ihn in irgendwelchen Schwierigkeiten sehe, lasse ich ihn mittendrin.