Monday, October 23, 2006

Unbelievable (bloody monday)

I still can't believe it ... it is really unbelievable!

Greg was in my office a few minutes ago - having his coffee. He didn't want to talk about "wednesday" (when I'll go out with Geinen) - no, he just sat there smiling widely.

After a while I snarled at him a "What?".

"What amuses you that much?" I asked suspiciously. Something must have been really bad for another persons, otherwise he wouldn't look so self-pleased.

"Well, didn't you ask yourself what's the matter with Allenby today?" "Of course" I said and nodded. He grinned devilishly and played with his ball "See I met him yesterday on my way back home after he - as you told me - came by at my appartment to see me." I raised an eyebrow and he carried on talking. "I was waiting for my espresso at Starbucks when I heared someone calling my name - it was Allenby." He looked at me smiling "And?"

Greg chuckled "Well, he told me that he met you at my place a few minutes ago - by the way what did you wear when you opened the door?" I blushed slightly "Your bathrobe - as I wanted to have a bath before it knocked at the door." He gave me a short laugh "Great!" "So what happened next?" "Oh nothing very interesting - he just asked me if I am on my way home. Dumb question." I sighed "Aaaand?"

Greg threw his ball at the wall "And then he asked me if we are a couple..." I swallowed up and caughed "You told him of course that this isn't the case" He gave me a side look "Greeeeg! I told him that this isn't true. And you know that it isn't". He grunnted "'Course I no - but Allenby doesn't. Well and I couldn't resist" and he grinned devilishly "I told him that you are a bit shy and that we are a couple since a few weeks."

I looked astonished and then felt the sensation of disbelief "You told him WHAT?" I answered very quietly. Greg gave me another side looked and I could see him swallowing a bit "You told him WHAT?" I said again a bit louder that time. He, of course, said nothing and only shrugged. I sighed deeply "Out!" and pointed at the door in disbelief.

"Ah, common Jim" he then answered "Out! I can't believe it!" I shook my head disbelievingly "I can't believe ..."

"Calm down Jim, I was just kidding" he said and then hubbled outside. I was still shaking my head in disbelief.


Dr. Gregory House said...

Heißt das, ich bekomme heute keinen Kaffee mehr bei dir?

Dr. James Wilson said...

Auf alle Fälle nicht in der nächsten Stunde!

Dr. Gregory House said...

Gut...dan kann ich es ja jetzt nochmal versuchen...