Saturday, November 25, 2006

Wonderful evening

mood: love dazed

music: Katie Melua - I cried for you

I am up in the sky and feeling more than high. Gregory is still sleeping or should I say, sleeping again?

Our evening and night was packed with pure romantic and love. Our family has left us alone after dinner and so we had the rest of the evening just for us. We lit some candles, made some fire in the fireplace and first watched the movie A little princess.

Greg was a bit sceptical at first but he liked it. We were laying on the sofa, cushions in my back and Greg between my legs (not what you think!)
It felt so good having him near me, the warmth of his body, the scent of Halston and softener ... ah it makes me sighing again.

Aberlour was our companion through the evening - yeah it was very nice. After the movie we talked about this and that and listened to some special kind of music.

It was three in the morning when I checked the clock, "Uuh, it is already three o'clock!" I said and couldn't believe it. Greg smiled at me "Time for bed?", I looked at him and there they were again ... those butterflies in my stomach, so I just nodded.
He was sitting on the floor and so he leaned over to me and grabbed my legs, then he drew me from the sofa. "Ouch, what..." I exclaimed but wasn't able to say more as he closed my mouth with a more than passionate kiss.

"I changed my mind" he whispered in my ear and started to remove my shirt. Every free inch of my skin was kissed, a groan slipped out of my mouth and my head dropped back. Changing minds can sometimes be very...interesting.

We managed to go to bed at about five o'clock and I woke up at about 10 am. The blanket covered us completely and Greg held me close at his side, I started to move carefully and wanted to stand up without waking him up. His soft grip around my waist became closer and he pulled me back, "Where do you think you are going?" he murmured, "Making coffee" I said with a smile. He replied with a groan and I wanted to stand up again but was pushed back into the cushions "You are not supposed to move" he whispered and his fingers started to caress me softly. I sighed deeply and managed to answer "What am I supposed to do then?", he turned me on the back and bent over me, his eyes were shining bright when he said "Let me show you".

An hour later I stood up and percolated some coffee, Greg is still sleeping ... but I think the scent of coffee will soon wake him up. I'll go and have a shower now.


Dr. Gregory House said...

It surely woke me up...
Accompanied by your good-morning-kiss.

Dr. James Wilson said...

Was it my kiss or the coffee, hmmm?

Dr. Eric Foreman said...

Verraten Sie mir mal das Geheimnis Ihres Erfolges?

Wie finde ich jemanden, mit dem ich solche wunderbaren Abende verbringen... und ganz spontan meine Meinung ändern kann...?

Dr. James Wilson said...

Destiny ... do you believe in?

Dr. Gregory House said... was both, hun.

Foreman, I'm sure there is someone waiting for you.
And I hope you won't have to wait as long as I had to.

Julia Brooklyn said...

Indeed, changing minds can be very interesting... :)