Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Pissed / Silly me

I am pissed – totally pissed at the moment.

First I read about Chase’s behaviour and felt my anger rising again. How could he? How dared he? Touching my husband and making such insulting offers! The second thing what made me pissy was the fact that Greg misinterpreted my lunch break with Danby.

It was just a normal lunch break with colleagues and we talked about current cases. I would have loved to spend my lunch with Gregory but reality sometimes strikes back. So I just couldn’t spend my lunch with him and my dream of having a more than pleasant dessert vanished into nothing.

So Greg misinterpreted that break and got blockheaded again. I was just going about leaving my office and Danby stood next to me when the phone rang. I picked up the phone “Wilson?. "No need to come here, I'll figure that out alone!", barked in my ear and before I could answer or even ask what’s the matter I heard the clicking sound when he hang up.

I stared at the phone and rubbed my neck then I hang it up. Danby was looking at me questioningly as he sure has heard Greg’s barking. I just shrugged and explained, “Seems that we don’t have to go to Dr. House. He wants to figure it out alone.” Danby raised an eyebrow “Are you okay?”, he asked. “Sure I am” and I nodded to underscore it.

Danby shrugged and said, “What about checking that file then?” and he handed me a file of man in his mid 50s. After some discussions we figured out that he could have esophageal cancer. The patient has dysphagia (diffulty swallowing), burning pain and lost weight and he is a chain smoker. “Okay, we make an EGD, CT, FDG-PET and an EUS”, I said and handed Danby the file back. He nodded and we both went out of the office.

Danby made his way to the patient and I proceeded to Greg’s office. I surely wanted to know what was going on with him. The blends were closed and I entered his office without knocking, but no one was in there. I checked the adjoining conference room but could only find Foreman pouring some coffee. “Hey Foreman”, I greeted him and he greeted me back. “Do you know where Dr. House is?”

He just shrugged “Sorry, I don’t know.” Dammit! I thanked him and returned to my office. On my way back I ran into Chase. He hasn’t seen me and nor did I as I was miles away thinking.

We collided and both wanted to stammer and excuse when we noticed in who we ran in. Chase became pale and my anger was back again. “You…” I pointed at him, Chase tried to back up but I grabbed his collar, looked around and noticed we were standing right in front of my office. So I dragged him in my office and pinned him at the wall.

Chase was pale like a ghost by then and I started to shout “You filthy pig! I should kill you!” He tried to free himself and I punched him hard against the wall again which made him gasp. “Wilson…” he stammered, “NO, there is no excuse for what you did today! If you are pissed then – fine – I am your goal and not Gregory!” I walked back a few steps and pointed at me “Punch me, if you want to”. Chase became even paler and shook his head, “You chicken out now? Punching a woman you can but not me? Bastard!”, I barked.

His face now turned to red and he stammered “Who told you about that?”, “That doesn’t matter. I know you had a fight with Ginger yesterday. Idiot I am felt sorry that she attacked you with a shot!” I rubbed my forehead and forced me to calm down, but when I saw that he wanted to open the door and slip out, I pinned him again at the wall and hissed “No, you wont get away with it now!”

I saw the anger rising in his eyes and he pushed me back, that was way too much for me. I jammed my fist into his stomach, Chase panted hard and his fist met my chin – Wooooooooosh!

We both collapsed on the floor, gasping. Chase looked at me with a shocked expression on his face “Oh my god, Wilson … I … “ he stammered and I rubbed my chin (damn it hurts like hell!) giving him a stern look. “Go!” I whispered and pointed at the door.

Chase jumped up and took flight. I managed to stand up and went to the cupboard, opened it and drew out a bottle of single malt, which is in there for long nights. I poured a glass and downed it at once.

Then I sat down on my chair, hiding my face in my hands – “What have I done?” I thought. I poured another drink and sipped some single malt, I turned to my computer and checked Greg’s blog. That was when I found his entry about my lunch break – God, I was more than pissed when I read it and my comment was a bit harsh.

Greg must be here in a few minutes – I hope. Thanks I have no appointment – it was of course a lie that I have an appointment with a patient, but in my current state I couldn’t stand his eyes.
I downed my glass and now I am waiting for Greg.


Julia Brooklyn said...

What was wrong with you? I would not have expected that you react this way!

Dr. James Wilson said...

I was pissed ... I overreacted.

I still can't believe what I did.

Julia Brooklyn said...

I can't believe it as well... But I did some bad things, too.

Dr. Gregory House said...

You can't believe what you did?
I still can't believe what he did...

Julia Brooklyn said...

I can't believe what HE did... I know what I did and I know MY reasons.