Wednesday, November 29, 2006

He found me

He found me! Oh my god! He found me …

On the one hand I am glad about it on the other I don’t know what to do now. He is sleeping in the bed – that was where I found him and I managed to stay calm and just let him sleep, I am sure he will wake up pretty soon.

I am currently sitting close by the fire and trying to get warm again. I was out for a long stroll around the lake. Pretty cold outside now and it is snowing again. I am glad I bought me winter clothes on my way up here, as I just ran out of our flat without nothing than my wallet and the notebook in my car.

“Where do you go now, Jimmy?”, I thought while driving and I wasn’t surprised at all when I found me at the airport. Canada …
I bought a ticket and didn’t have to wait long for the flight to depart. I hired a car at the airport and on my way to the fishing hut of my father I bought some warm clothes and something to eat and drink. That was when I checked the internet first – I was in an internet café at that moment and had a cup of coffee and a bagel. Well the battery wasn’t running low – but the time was and I got up again, paid and proceeded to the hut.

The closer I approached the more white the landscape became, so I stopped in the small village near by the lake and bought some wood for the fireplace as I didn’t know if there was enough up the hut. I shouldn’t have worried though, there is enough there for months.

I made a fire and sat there for a while and then switched on the notebook. Lucky we have electricity up here since a few years and internet as well (just via satellite).

After a while of thinking and writing I shut down the notebook again and went out for a long stroll. I must have been out for hours and when I came back again I found that someone must have come to the hut.

There were footprints on the way and smoke coming out of the chimney. I entered silently and looked around, the first thing I noticed was Greg’s scent. My stomach twitched and I prepared myself for a brawl … but nothing happened. All remained silent, so I got out of my shoes and sneaked around – that was when I found him in the bed … sleeping.

He looked so cute and I felt I was so wrong leaving him behind, wanting to cope with my problems all alone …

I desperately hope we can handle it – together!

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