Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Stream of life

Hi guys,

yes I am writing ... I am writing! Actually I do - I thought it over and over again, many hours passed by and I really asked myself what makes me writing this blog.

It is not that I love soul striptease - no it is just that I really do like the writing. So why should I stop something I like? Would it be clever or wise? No it wouldn't be.

The writing just brings something in my life I missed so much and never was aware of it. Some may perhaps think I just write because of the fun ... but it is more - even more. If you don't have something compareable in your own life you perhaps wont understand it ... but some persons might just know what I am talking about and for those - as well as for me - I will continue writing.

Life is like a stream - windings, ups and downs and you can't foretell what comes next ... and let me tell you what: I LOVE IT!
Although it sometimes nearly kills you, makes you wet, shivering and feeling cold and alone ...but then there are those passages that are so calm, tranquil and full of life and beauty - a beauty that brings the tears into your eyes. We just have to see and remember the feelings we had when time is getting harder again ...

You're beautiful. You're beautiful, it's true.
I looked at you so many times, but never had a clue.

But one fine day - just one fine day,
I was standing behind you and I heard the angels pray.

"Don't you see the truth through all those lies?
Can't you see the feelings in these eyes?"

I turned you around and looked at you,
and I could see, the angels were all so true...

There it was, hidden behind all those lies,
the beauty of your soul was shining bright in your eyes.

I dropped my head and cried a tear,
why have I overseen your longings, your fear?

Your fingers gently touched my skin,
the barrier became all so thin.

You're just like a dream,
let us swim together in that unpeaceful stream.

The stream of life, soft and cold.
Where everything is possible and nothing foretold.

by me


Anonymous said...

I'm really happy you made this decision!

Dr. Gregory House said...

So am I.
And your poem is beautiful...*sighs*

Dr. James Wilson said...

Thank you so much! I really had to rack my brain over the decision!