Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hot as hell

mood: humming

music: Kate Bush

weather: snowing

I am feeling way better now, the talking and the followed night were like rehabilitation for me. Sure there is still something to cope with and perhaps I should make a new therapy when we are back or perhaps I should just accept Greg’s offer to “use” him as a therapist whenever I want.

Insatiable hunger … why have I mentioned these words yesterday? They were like harbingers ...

The day began very peaceful and quiet, there was no bustling from the streets, no cars passing by, no usual city sounds – just peace. I turned around and looked at Greg who was still sleeping, his mouth was slightly opened and he looked adorable. My eyes wandered over his naked body, as we both had been to exhausted to change into our pajamas after our hot shower.

I silently crawled out of the bed and picked up the clothes from the floor, and then I hurried to dress, as it was somewhat cold. The first thing I did was making a fire in the fireplace and then I went into the kitchen and percolated coffee. I had a look outside the window and was blinded by reflecting snow.

The world looked pure and clean and I felt like in winter wonderland. A song came to my mind and I hummed a few tones. I rummaged in the kitchen and started to make some scrambled eggs with bacon, still the song on my lips

When leaves have fallen
And skies turned to grey
The night keeps on closing in on the day
A nightingale sings his song of farewell
You better hide for her freezing hell

On cold wings she's coming
You better keep moving
For warmth, you'll be longing
Come on just feel it
Don't you see it?
You better believe

I set the table. “What are you singing?“ Greg who looked around the corner suddenly asked me. I lifted my head “Good morning sleepy head”, I said with a warm smile. He rubbed his neck and yawned “Morn”.

“Coffee?“ I asked and turned around to pour some in the mugs I’ve already put beside the coffee machine. “Never ask, just do”, he mumbled and I had to grin. Aw, he can be so cute in the mornings.

Without a word I handed him the mug and we both sat down. He stared in the liquid and then looked up with sleepy eyes “So what song was it?“ I blinked and shrugged “Oh that? Ice Queen by Within Temptation”. He looked out of the window “Well, it fits” he said and gave me the first smile of the morning. “It perfectly does”, I nodded.

“Looks like we are snowed in, if it doesn’t start snowing again I could try to remove the snow”, I stated and sipped some coffee. “Do you want some eggs and bacon? I’ve just put it aside and kept warm as I didn’t know when you will wake up.”

“Sure, now as you mention it. I am hungry,“ he said and I stood up and wanted to put some eggs on the plates when I heard Greg standing up. He embraced me from behind and whispered into my ear “I didn’t mean that hunger”. A sigh slipped out of my mouth when he kissed my neck and his tongue caressed my skin. I was pushed against the kitchen unit and his left hand unbuttoned my shirt while his right hand slipped into my trousers and started to stroke me. I couldn’t avoid a moan and his teeth sank into my skin to bite me with lust.

His left hand seemed to be everywhere and every inch of skin he touched felt like electric shocks. The heat flooded my veins and I still don’t know how we got undressed but when I felt his warm body on mine I couldn’t do anything else then gasping.

“You are driving me crazy, boy”, he muttered in my ear and bent me forward. His hands grabbed my hips and he inserted with one awfully slowly stroke. I cried out his name and he hissed into my ear “No word!“ I closed my eyes and bit my lower lip and just nodded. Greg started to move slow and kept this movement for a while, I felt blood on my lip and licked it away; the only sound that slipped out of my mouth was a silent moan. “This will kill me”, I thought and tried not to scream out with lust when his movements became harder and faster.

His fingernails scratched over my skin and he bit and sucked my neck, I could no longer resist crying out my lust and longing, but he didn’t care, as he was already miles away. His passion drove me to hell and we both burned in the hot fire of lust and desire. Who’s wearing the breeches now?

After returned from the hell of lust, Greg was leaning against my shoulder and we were both trying to catch breath again. His arms embraced me gently and he whispered in my ear “I love you”, I dropped back my head with my eyes closed and murmured, “So do I”. We needed some more time until we’ve finally reached the here and now again.

“What about satisfying the other hunger now?” he asked me and gently fondled my hair. “You never had a better idea”, I replied and smiled. We both got dressed again, and my knees were still feeling like jelly when I put eggs and bacon on our plates.

I handed him the plate and we exchanged glances, Greg winked “You know, I like being snowed in.” I grinned “Yes and you know, it started snowing again” and I pointed out of the window. We both stared outside and all we could see were snowflakes flying in the air like weird little fairies.


Dr. Gregory House said...

You just had to mention that...
I should have known...

Good LORD!

Dr. James Wilson said...

Of course ... you know revenge is bitter-sweet!

Dr. Gregory House said...

But you already made me publish it at deviant Art...
Is that mean?

You know what you'll have to do now...

Dr. James Wilson said...

Yes ... I'll publish it, okay?

Dr. Gregory House said...

Thank youuuu!

Dr. James Wilson said...

Fair is fair ...

Dr. Gregory House said...

And you know what?
I love you, hubby!

Dr. James Wilson said...

And you know what?
I love you, too

Geesh this is getting fluffy

Dr. Gregory House said...

And you know what?
My second name is Fluffiness ;-)
But you're the only one who kmows.

All the others think it's Bastard.

Dr. Eric Foreman said...


Dr. James Wilson said...

I was pretty sure You will like it, Foreman!