Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sunday afternoon

After Gregory has percolated some coffee we decided to go into the living room where we nestled on the sofa, drank our coffee and watched some stupid TV shows. The TV was boring and we soon ended up with cuddling and kissing again. Aaaw, it feels so good having him near me.

“I could do with a bath now”, Gregory whispered in my ear while we were laying on the floor of the living room (just don’t ask!). I fondled his hair and nodded, “This seems to be a very good idea, darling”, I replied. He stood up and massaged his leg a bit, it always hurts me when I am the cause his leg is in pain. “Does it hurt because of …you know?” I asked him and I am pretty sure I had a very concerned look upon my face. “Just the usual pain”, he said and looked at me “You don’t have to worry. What we do is a pleasure and there is no need to be sorry about it afterwards.”

I got up and handed him the Vicodin bottle, which was standing on the mantelshelf. He popped out two pills and dry-swallowed them. “If they allow you to make such things with me, I should probably write a letter to the pharma company and thank them”, I said with a smile. Greg grinned back and then limped to the bathroom.

The cushions were laying on the floor and the side-lamp was leaning against the sofa, so I rearranged the things again and then followed Greg to the bathroom. He had lit some candles and the light was turned out, the scent of cedar filled the air and Greg was already laying in the bathtub, eyes closed. At the very sight of him laying there in the tub surrounded by floating bubbles my heart began to race like greyhounds.

“May I join?” I asked him and wasn’t surprised to hear my voice sounding more than a bit hoarsely. He nodded without opening his eyes and I carefully climbed in the tub, “Ehm, I need some space as well…”, I said. Greg opened his eyes and the expression in them made me gasp. He grabbed my hips and sat upright – and what followed next can only be described with Wooo-hoooo!

After the bath we got dressed and went back to the living room, listening to some special kind of music (Amélie soundtrack to be exact) and having another cup (or two) of coffee. The rain outside clutched against the windows and it was so warm and cosy in the living room.
Suddenly Greg stood up and said, “I think I’ll have a stroll …”. I looked up and sure I was surprised it was raining cats and dogs outside, “Now?!” I asked him.

Greg gave me a nod “Mhm…I just fancy that now.”
“Well, he is sometimes a bit weird” I thought and then asked him if I may join him. “That’s exactly what I wanted to hear”, he replied and grinned at me. I stood up and took my coat, Greg opened the door and stared at the rain “Ukk…look at that rain!”, I put my arm around his shoulder and whispered in his ear “We could just go back and curl up on the sofa again?!”.

He shook his head “No I really want to have a stroll now!”, he insisted and so I conceded and we stepped out in the rainy Sunday afternoon. After a few steps Greg suddenly stopped and leaned back his head, closed his eyes and opened his mouth. God, he looked so damn cute, happy and unbelievably sexy – I embraced him and pulled him closer “Oh my God, Greg…I could take you right now!”, I whispered in his ear. And that is only the truth …

Of course I didn’t mean right in the middle of the street – but in that very moment I just wanted to have him, feel our bodies become one …
"Now? Here? In the middle of the street?", Greg asked me with a slightly blushed face. "Mmmmm...no. Maybe at the beach...", I replied and had to grin. Sometimes I succeed in shocking him.
Gregory grinned back and shrugged. So we walked on and he took my hand. As it was rather cold I put our hand in my coat pocket and we proceeded to the beach promenade. The rain left us alone on the street and so it was no wonder that the café where we wanted to have a hot chocolate was closed due to the bad weather.
We strolled along the beach and finally reached the log, where I spent half of a night some weeks ago. We stopped and watched the grey sea thundering against some rocks. My thoughts want back to that evening when I wanted to tell Greg the truth about my someone and that damn thunder swallowed my last words down.

Delighted that everything went well I strechted out my arms and circled around like a child dancing in the rain. I could just swallow down to sing “I’m singing in the rain, just singing in the rain …”. Then I stopped and found myself standing before Gregory who looked at me with an enchanting smile upon his face. I flung my arms around him and covered us with my coat.

"I love you so much", I whispered and kissed him tenderly. He returned the kiss and I felt my head flying up high – my thought of having him at the beach came in my love dazed head, and I found myself opening his belt and letting my hand slip in his trousers.

“Oh God” I thought and began to caress him and kissed his neck. A moan slipped out of Gregory’s mouth and I drew him closer “Shall I stop?” I asked him and he just shook his head. "Nonononononononono!", he replied.
Then he layed down in the sand and pulled me with him. My heart was pounding against my chest and Greg stared at me panting and said "Please...".I looked around searchingly, "Impossible...what if someone approaches? This could cause us jail..."Greg’s pupils were widened and he repeated "Pleeeeeze!" It cost me all my will to close his trousers again and to shake my head. "Not here...don't be silly...Let's go back home", I managed to say."How long will this take?", he asked me while I helped him up."Five-minute-walk...", I replied and thought “This will be some long five minutes!”
"HURRY!", Greg exclaimed and began to hobble in our cottage's direction. I followed him and nearly ran into him as he suddenly stopped. “What?”, I thought and looked at him questioningly. "Pleeeeeeeeeeeze!", he whined and that was enough for me and my self-imposed resistance, so I grabbed his collar and dragged him to some bushes. I softly pushed him down in the sands and covered us with my coat. Glad there was no soul around, as I gave him what he wanted to have.


Dr. Gregory House said...

My heart is racing like a greyhound now...
I remember that quite well.

Dr. James Wilson said...

So do I ...