Monday, November 13, 2006

The early bird ...

mood: bit sleepy

music: The Two Trees - Loreena McKennitt

Good morning,

I just got up and am now sitting on the sofa with a cup of coffee. Nothing is better than a freshly made coffee in the morning ... and I don't speak of coffee thin as water like I once or twice had in England and Scotland (geesh).

No, this is good, black coffee.

Ah I can hear Gregory just waking up. He can be so cute in the morning, although it is wiser not to speak to him too much until the first mug is downed.

I had some strange dreams this night - all packed with weirdos. The last dream was about being in a dead man's house and they didnt figure it out, because all looked normal ... I? went outside searching something ...and then I saw all the spider webs, all the rotten furniture and I turned around, looked down at the small house and said: "Oh my god, it is all gone - it is all dead ...with who are they in the small house?" That was when I woke up ...

I really am in need of a good coffee...

Another dream was about searching an office - in a riding stable (don't ask), we couldnt find it. But I was sure the entrence must be somewhere there. I think I talked to a ghost then - he told me, the missing person (?) was in the office. But there was no one in there - he said: you got the wrong key. So I sent someone to get the correct key ... and we opened the door, the person was still alive (I thought). We brought her back to my home first ... and later I talked with another person... She told me: "Pity we found that body ..." I just looked at her "But she is alive ...", "Of course she is not ... she is dead". And I turned around and looked at the saved person ... she looked pretty normal.

These were only two dream sequences ...

We will soon be off to the PPTH - yes it means working again! First I have to let my stab wound check - but after the yesterday's relaxing techniques we can both say ... it's healing.

Cuddy called yesterday as well and asked me if everything is fine and if I will be able to work again. I think the work is enormous by now, as Allenby is in closed therapy ... Hope it won't be a very hard working day though.

Perhaps I will be able to write again later - if not, this evening for sure!


Dr. Gregory House said...

What do you mean with 'He can be so cute in the morning'?

Dr. James Wilson said...

Your hair is a mess, your eyes so sleepy is just cute! I could kiss you all over