Monday, November 27, 2006

Monday morning - back again

We are back at the PPTH - it is Monday morning, life sucks ...

No it really doesn’t suck, but the last week just rushed and now we are here again. I still have to tell you about what happened on Saturday and Sunday – I promise I will tell you.

We got up early this morning and as we went to bed early on Sunday we had enough sleep. We just needed it … the Sunday was a bit weird. I felt miles high – and with high I mean HIGH. Okay I don’t want to spoil everything – so I will write a new entry about it …

All things were packed and we just had some breakfast coffee and then we drove back to Princeton. Lucky we didn’t have to bring back the key. “Just lay it on the kitchen table when you leave” the landlady told us on Wednesday and so we did.

As it was still early we had no traffic probs and arrived at the PPTH at about 8.45 am. We signed in and were lucky no one special was around asking dumb questions – so we just made our way to the offices.

“What about an early morning coffee in my office?” I asked Greg. “Early morning coffee, huh?” he asked with a broad grin on his face. I gave him a soft nudge “Yeah, just coffee!”, Greg shrugged “Why not?!”

“Fine then, I’ll be back in a minute!” I answered and went to the oncologists’ room where coffee was already percolated. I returned with a coffee pot and two mugs, Greg was sitting on the sofa running over the pages of a file. “What are you reading?” I asked and placed the mugs and the pot on the desk. He looked up “Boring stuff, this guy has lung cancer” and with these words he threw the file back on my desk.

I grabbed it and checked the symptoms “Chest pain that doesn't go away, coughing up blood, wheezing, swollen neck and face …Yeah it could be lung cancer. We will do all the testings and then we will know it.” Greg has already poured some coffee and handed me the mug “It is lung cancer, pretty sure!”
I sighed “You don’t know it yet”, he raised an eyebrow “Go on make your testings and then you can invite me for lunch because I was right.” I sipped some coffee “I would have invited you for lunch anyway, so what?”

Gregory grinned “You are still pissed because of the Lepraxo?”, I changed into my labcoat and gave him a side glance. “It wasn’t your fault you were already stoned by then” – then I heard some funny music “Did you hear that?” I asked him and he looked at me enquiringly “Nooo?! Do you still have some hallucinations?”, I blushed slightly and he stood up and approached.

“Look me in the eyes, hun’” he demanded and I obeyed “Pupils are still a bit widened. Do you hear voices, sounds or see funny stuff?”, I nodded slightly “Just sometimes…”. He grinned “You shan’t tell it Cuddy and an advice, if you are not sure that something really was said, just keep your mouth shut!”, I nodded. He patted my shoulder “You will be okay again”, I snorted.

“Why don’t you have any problems? You took them first!”, Greg shrugged “Don’t know …”.

I rummaged in my bag and put a shower gel on the table “Do you want to have a shower now?” Greg asked and pointed at the gel. A smile appeared on my face “No, that is Chase’s shower gel you know” and I winked at him. “Ah, his … Fine then!”, he downed his coffee and turned to the door. “Your appointment with him is at about 10 am, isn’t it?” he asked “Yep, it is!” I replied and we both grinned.