Saturday, November 25, 2006

Little princess

mood: sentimental

music: Music of the night - A. L. Webber

Anyone who knows this movie?

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I know it is kind of sentimental women stuff - but I have to admit I like those little actresses. Alfonso CuarĂ³n made a really magical movie - full of magic, dreaming and feelings. The film is based on the popular 1888 children's book Sara Crewe by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

A Little Princess is a tale about self-respect and the importance of imagination. To quote her "father": "Magic has to be believed -- that's the only way it's real."

Am I sentimental? Yes I sometimes am.

What makes us escaping in books, music or even movies? A question I think anyone of us is asking from time to time ... what is the answer? I think this depends from the point of the viewer and even my opinion changes from time to time.

Sometimes I just read because of reading, then I want to escape from all the "normal" bustle around me and then there is as well the feeling to understand more, to see more and to feel more ...

Listening to some special kind of music brings different emotions as well - I need music to think, to get away, to lift my mood up, to get back to reality or just to hear it.

So we see - we cant say what makes us reading, listening or watching.

Movies ... what is the purpose? Why do we watch them? Good question! There are some kind of movies I really don't like and don't want to see... what kind of? Hmmm, I think this is getting very private. I don't like too realistic movies on the one hand but on the other it is sometimes good to have realism. Some make me laugh, some make me think, some make me cry (I have to admit) and some just make me say "No never again!"

Why am I writing this - don't know ... perhaps this movie made me just think about it.

What do you think? What makes you reading, listening or watching (movies, theater ... )?

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