Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I am walking around like a tiger in a cage ... I want to go ... and help.

From the beginning ...

Yesterday evening - I was a bit dizzy due to the new meds Greg gave me. So I didnt notice that Greg went to buy some stuff. I just figured it out later that night, when I found the note.

"Will be right back, hun'. Going to buy us (me) some single malt and food. XXX Greg"

I woke up at about 6 a.m. and my hand wandered to Gregs bedside ... and felt nothing. I opened my eyes, switched on the light and found out that Greg hadn't been in bed. "Greeeg?" I got up carefully and listened. Nothing ... nothing at all "Greg?!"
I checked the living room - but there was no sign, nor was in the bathroom or the kitchen.

It was in the kitchen where I found his note and it was there I let myself drop into the chair. "Where are you?" I whispered. As far as I could remember we had no discussion. I grabbed the phone and dialed the number of the PPTH ... "No, Dr. House is not in the complex." ... Where else?

I decided to make some coffee - and tried several times to call him on the mobile ... but there was no response. It must have been the tenth try when suddenly that female voice spoke: "The person you have called is temporarily not available..."
"Shit" I swore - someone must have switched off the mobile. Someone or Greg?

Could he cheat on me? Could this be possible? I only thought about that possibility for half a second and then waved it aside.

I picked up the phone again and dialed a number
"Huh? Foreman here" a very sleepy voice grunnted. "Hey Foreman, I need your help!" - "Is that you Dr. Wilson?" I could hear from behind "Eric, who is it?"

I grinned - that was Chase's voice. "Yeah it is me. Please I need your help. House is gone!" "Oh god ..." ...whispering "House is gone ...get up!"

"Where are you, James?" I sighed "I am at home!" Again some mumbling ... "We'll be there in a few minutes."

I hung up the phone and starred on it, then I dialed another number "Yeah" came a sleepy voice "Allison, sorry for disturbing you - I need your help." "What's up?" I sighed and explained her that House was missing. "Foreman and Chase are coming? Well I'll be there in a minute!"

I made some new coffee and was thiniking. Where the heck could he be ...

I saw Allenby's face in front of me - laughing "I want you to suffer ..." - I shook my head and stared at my trembling fingers. "Don't be silly, James. Allenby is not here. He is in some hospital."

I used the time to get dressed and ignored the stinging wound - and I was about to put on a new shirt when the door bell rang.

Without closing the shirt I went to the door and opened it - Chase, Foreman and Cameron where standing in front of it. "Fine, all three, come in!" I gestured them in and we went into the kitchen "Coffee?" - three heads were nodding. I poured them some coffee and handed them the mugs.

Then I showed them the note and reported about the phone calls ... "So someone must have put his mobile off then." Foreman said and I nodded. "Yeah I thought of it, too"
We discussed all - well nearly all - possibilities ... had an accident etc.

Cameron called every hospital, every morgue and every police station ... no sign. By now it was 9 am - "Someone should call Cuddy" Chase muttered. I nodded and picked up the phone and dialed her number.

"Hi Cuddy" I said and looked at the ducklings
"Wilson?! How are you" she replied. "Thanks Cuddy, I am fine as fine you can be with a stab wound" and tried to grin.
"I already got your memo that Greg isn't feeling that well..." - the mug slipped out of my hand and smashed on the floor. Three heads turned around ...
I swallowed hard "Cuddy ... what memo?" I gasped. "Well the memo you have sent me this morning. Let me check it" I turned on the speaker: "Aaah here it is, saying: "Dear Cuddy, unfortunately I have to tell you that Gregory is sick today and can't come into the office. Yours James" - so it sounds a bit different ...but" - I panted, Allison started to sob, Chase went pale and Foreman shouted out "Damn fuck!"

"Was that Foreman? Wilson where are you? What is going on?" I took a deep breath "It wasn't me who has written you the memo. Greg vanished - he went shopping yesterday evening and didn't return. The scobby gang is currently here and we are discussing what could have happend. Cuddy tell me: where is Allenby!"

I could hear her gasping "Oh my gaawd! Do you really think ..." I said louder "Where is he?! Tell me he is in a hospital or locked away or something!"
"I just got a call yesterday morning from Canada, that ... that ..." "THAT WHAT?" She sighed "he escaped from the hospital wing."

We all were exchanging glances, Cameron was running out of the kitchen into the living room - I said with a very very calm voice "You got informed yesterday?!!! And you haven't told us? He tried to kill Chase! He nearly killed me and he wanted to have Gregory! Damn Cuddy!" "I ...oh my god ..." "Call the police!" I shouted and hung up.

I tried to calm down and ignored the stinging wound. "Are you okay, Wilson?" asked Foreman and I gave him a "what do you think" look. "Stupid question, Eric" Chase said. The sudden "Oh myyyyyyyyy gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawd!" from Cameron, made us all run into the living room. "What happend? Whats the matter?" She stood there pale and panting and pointed at the laptop.

We all turned towards the laptop - I sank into the chair and stared at the screen in disbelief. "No ... no... noooooooooooooooooooo!" I screamed out. "Oh my god, oh my god" I could hear the others whispering.

"I'll kill him!" I shouted out "You wont do nothing! He nearly killed you, remember?" Foreman barked at me. "You are of no help here!" Chase said and I gave him a puzzled look. "I am - what?" He poked me slightly in the side and I yelled out "Ouch! Are you dumb?!!"

I stood there holding my side and panting - Chase just shrugged "See? You are a too easy target..." The other were nodding "We will get him out there - you stay here! And tell Cuddy so she can inform the police that Allenby is in town. He must be found!"

Foreman looked at me "Do so! Trust us - we are going to get him."

At last I nodded slightly ...

I am now walking up and down and waiting for some answer. They locked me in the house so I couldn't escape ... that was an hour ago now. Cuddy called back - the police is searching for Allenby. We didn't tell her so far that Allenby has kidnapped Greg ... Gosh I hope they will give me a living sign soon ...


But I promise - if they wont call in a few minutes - I'll come as well!

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Dr. Gregory House said...

Hu, all's well...
He's not here and he won't come here until evening if I can trust his note.
I just need my Vicodin.
But even more I need you.
I hope I'll be home soon...