Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What happens in December?

I thought it was a joke, Gregory made yesterday when he told me that he will stick this pic at the bulletin board of the PPTH

Far from it! He really did it!

Of course, without telling me ... so I really was surprised when my telephone rang an hour ago, I checked the display and saw it was Cuddy - "Cuddy! How may I help you?", "What happens in December?" she asked. "Huh?" - you might perhaps imagine my surprised look "Ehm ... in December? Well, it might snow and there is X-Mas in December as well, not to ...", she interrupted me "I don't mean that! Now tell me what happens in December?" I scratched my forehead and raised an eyebrow "Perhaps you could just give me a hint what exactly you are talking about?"

I could hear sighing "That picture on the bulletin board! It shows you and House with a sign in the hands stating "Guess what happens in December!?" So I just want to know WHAT happens!" The pencil I was playing with dropped out of my hand "You are kidding, aren't you?" I gasped. "Of course I am not!" she snaped at me. "I will call you back!" I replied and hang up, then I rushed out of the office to check the board.

Some people were standing in front of the board and looked at the photo, Cameron, Foreman and Chase were amongst them - all three grinning. I gave them a "if you speak I'll kill you look" - then I moved forward, pushing two or three persons aside. "Ah Dr. Wilson! Tell us what will happen in December, please?" I just grunted and removed the picture "Nothing of your interest!" I murmured and turned around - my eyes caught Gregs who was standing next to Foreman with a broad grin on his face.

"You! In my office!" I exclaimed and pointed at Gregory. He just shrugged and followed me. Someone yelled "Dr. House, tell us what will happen in December!" Over his shoulder he answered without looking back "We will be getting married!" and I could hear him snicker. A few people were laughing "Good joke!" was the only thing I heard.

Without looking at Greg and still shaking my head in disbelief I entered my office and waited for him to do likewise. Then I shut the door behind him "You ... you ..", he leaned on his cane and gave me an inquiring look "You are unbelievable!", "I know" he said and shrugged "You've told me several times by now." I tore my hair and shouted out "How could you!", he sank on the chair "How could I WHAT?"

I leaned against the desk and looked at him "How could you have stuck it on the bulletin board?", "Well, this was tricky ... I first had to find a pin, then I had to limp to the board, remove some uninteresting things and then I could finally stuck it on." I turned my eyes to heaven "Why was it oh so clear that you would just give me such an answer?" I said with a deep sigh. "And why was your reaction so predictable?" he replied and looked at me. I lowered my head and looked into his eyes - for a few seconds we just stared at each other and then both had to giggle.

"What about lunch?" he asked, "You'll pay" I answered. "Fine! Let's go, I am hungry ... and after lunch I could need some chocolate cream pie" he said and gave me a side glance. I opened the door "Hmm, I am not in the mood for chocolate - what about strawberry?" I replied and gave him a meaningful look.

"Hrrmmmmmmmmm, strawberry ... yummie! What about having it on the roof? It is such a lovely weather!", I shrugged "Sounds good" - and we proceeded to the cafeteria.


Dr. Gregory House said...

Strawberry was also good!
Cuddy still thinks we were joking...

Dr. James Wilson said...