Monday, November 27, 2006

A phone call

Greg and I were just sitting in the living room eating some pizza we ordered before and talking about the day in the hospital when suddenly the phone rang.

"Shall I pick it up?" I asked Gregory and he gave me a warm smile. "It is yours as well now, go ahead" he said and pointed at the phone. "Yes, mine as well" I thought and with smile I picked up the phone. "Wilson and House", I answered and the smile vanished from my face. I turned on the speaker "You BASTARD! What was in that shower gel?" Chase yelled at me, Greg stared at me and began to snicker.

I rubbed my neck and avoided to start laughing "Chase, calm down!", "Calm DOWN? I am naked as a baby boy now! CALM DOWN?!!" he shouted and Gregory burst out with laughter.
"Chase, it will grow again! Now calm down a bit" I replied and tried not to giggle. Gregory pointed at me and laughed his ass off, I had to turn around otherwise I would have cried tears of laughter by now. "Yah, I can hear House laughing this is sooooo funny, isn't it?!" I couldnt resist and allowed me a giggle "C'mon Chase, it was just a sweet little revenge. You deserved it and you know it!"

"DESERVED it? Are you mad?! I AM NAKED!", I tried to keep my countenance and just said, "It's only your body, isn't it?". Chase gasped "ONLY ... only ...yes it is only my body hair! And be sure if it would have been my hair, you would be in the emergency right now!". My thoughts wandered to Chase being naked like a baby and I hat to bite my hand not to laugh madly. With tears of laughter running down my cheek I managed to speak fairly normal "It will grow again, in a few weeks there will be some hair, Chase. It was only depilatory cream."

No answer and then just a snarled "ASSHOLE!" and he hang up. I couldn't hold the laughter back any longer and had a fit of laughter, Greg was already holding his belly and tried to catch breath again, tears were running down his cheek and the mere look at him made me start laughing again and again.

"Ooh goooood, I... can't breath anymore" I said between two laughs and let me sink on the floor, clutching the sofa. "Imagine him..." Greg giggled, which caused us to start laughing madly again.
Some minutes later we managed to breath and behave normal and we were both wiping our tears away. "Geesh, James remember me not to incur the wrath of you!" Another giggle slipped out of my mouth and I managed to nod "You better don't forget it!".

Oh Lord, revenge can be so bitter-sweet ... Chase don't be too pissed!


Anonymous said...

That sounds funny!
I hope it's just his body hair, for the rest it would be a shame! ^^

Dr. Gregory House said...

It is only the body hair..
GOD, I have to face him today...