Saturday, November 11, 2006

A poetry written by me

The journey

Silence surrounds us,
fills our emotions with innocence, love and lust

Longing for love we run and seek,
our feets they tremble, feeling so week

Crawling on the earth, we kneel and pray;
Please oh Goddess let us not go astray

Remembering the times and how they past,
will we meet once again at the very last?

We gentle rise and gaze around,
silence has come - no sound, no sound

Deaf and alone here we stand,
shivering and stretching out one hand.

Through time and space, the hands now meet
magic winds lifting us up from our feet.

What belongs, shall not be parted,
the journey begins, it will soon be started.

Well - just thoughts ... merely feelings.

Hope you like it!


Anonymous said...

Yes I do.

Dr. James Wilson said...

Thank you so much ...

I am always a bit unsure - so many thoughts in my mind sometimes *sighing*

Do you know that? I only have to bring them on paper ... otherwise my head would explode.

Dr. Robert Chase said...

Ich mag Ihr Gedicht auch!

Dr. James Wilson said...

Thanks Chase :)

Julia Brooklyn said...

It's special... And that's why I love it.

Dr. James Wilson said...

Special, huh?

What is so special?

Julia Brooklyn said...

I can't explain why... It's just... different from the ones I usally read.