Sunday, November 12, 2006


I am actually laughing my ass off right now.

We (this means Greg, Foreman and Cameron) are talking via MSN since hours ... gosh it is soooooo funny!

The only problem is - nothing to drink at home (I already had enough - I know). Kilkenny is empty and Greg doesnt want to share the single malt with me. He is drinking Aberlour at the moment.

Why is Santa Monica so far away? And why am I longing for Black Sheep right now? Fault of some persons who made my mouth water (NOT what you might think now) - it is just because they can drink Black Sheep.

Is this fair? Is it?!


Fine - enough of the stupid talking - ehm - writing ...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I can't stop lauthing many hours?
It's so funny! ^^

Anonymous said...

HEY! I am drinking Aberlour!
This is getting too creepy for me now.

Anonymous said...

I have nothing to drink at home! :-(
But I'm eating Pizza, not the best alternative, but it works for me!^^

So I guess you've got a lot of fun, too?

Dr. James Wilson said...

You ARE kidding, aren't you?

Gosh! I really know Greg is drinking Aberlour is really getting creepy.

*laughing tears*

Sry, but I am a bit drunk ;)

Anonymous said...

So are we.
Just having a good time.

Dr. James Wilson said...

Sounds good ...bad you cannot join us.

Would turn out a bit creepy - but perhaps we all would have a good time.

Actually I found something to drink ...