Saturday, November 18, 2006

Still awake / Foolishly blind

...but I will soon go to bed as well.

Greg is already sleeping - we are both a bit exhausted.

I only wanted to tell you that everything went fine at the registrar's office and that we will be getting married in Boston on the 9th December. I still can't believe it!

More about the evening - tomorrow! I should go to bed now as well... had a bit too much Kilkenny and Champaign...and single malt.

Just wanted to show you that poem, I've also written a while ago (last year)

Foolishly blind
Open your eyes and look inside -
don't be so foolishly blind!
Can't you see your inner beauty?
Your inner star of light?
Where is the sun that shines upon you?
Where the moon that lifts you up?
Open your eyes my little child and look inside -
don't be so foolishly blind!
Your inner beauty shines like the sparkling star of light!
Your soul is like the sun rays shining upon you!
Your spirit is like the moon that lifts you up!
Open your eyes my dear darling child and look inside -
now you will never be foolishly blind!

I hope you like it somehow ... it is not one of my best - I know, but nevertheless it shows you a bit more of my thoughts.


Dr. Robert Chase said...


Julia Brooklyn said...

It is one of your best!

Dr. James Wilson said...

Nah is not - but thanks anyway!

Julia Brooklyn said...

I really like it! But this could be caused by the christmas songs... ;)

Dr. Gregory House said...

It's not one of your best, hun?
Where's your inner light?
This is absolutely beautiful!

And once again I ask myself why you're going to marry the hunchback of Notredame...

Julia Brooklyn said...

The hunchback ot Notredame?

Dr. James Wilson said...

You don't have a hunchback, Gregory ... and I like Quasimodo anyway!