Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Prepare tissues!

We DID it! We really DID it! Oh my holy GOD … I am proud, miles high, uplifted and flying!

But let me start from the beginning:

As you all sure know we had a brawl yesterday afternoon. Greg was down to earth after the postcard Geinen sent me. After our little discussion – I asked him something what made all our plans changing …

And there we were… in Boston, in the hotel room, in the registrar’s office and … well and in front of Mr. Pollack, …

However – I want to start in the hotel room. In order to distract himself a bit Gregory sat in front of the computer and wrote an entry, I tried to calm down with reading but had to find out that I couldn’t concentrate on the letters. So I tried to listen to some music and I ended up listening to Creed.

Gregory just looked at me “Jimmy, this music can’t calm you down, you know?”, I merely nodded and let my eyes shut. “You are right” I said and stood up, “Let me check the internet, please” and so I did. I was unable to write an entry but checked the comments, my email account and Deviant Art – suddenly Greg said “Ooooooh my god, it’s only half an hour left ‘till your cousin will pick us up!” I turned my head around “No?!!!”, Greg just nodded.

“God!” I cried out and ran into the bathroom to get ready. I heard Gregory rummaging in the bedroom and looked into the mirror “Calm down, Evan, just calm down a bit!” I said to myself.

Then I took several deep breaths – “Breath in … and … out, in and out” I said to me again and felt the tension declining a bit. I put my bow-tie on and checked my reflection then I nodded “Think this will do” I whispered and opened the door. “Are you ready?” I shouted and waited for an answer, “In a second!” came the answer from the bedroom.

“I’ll go into the living room … may I?” I replied – a simple “Fine!” was the answer. So I went into the living room and avoided to sit down. Nervously I rearranged my cummerbund and looked up as I heard Greg approaching. We both stared at each other and had to swallow.

Gregory was the first one speaking “Oh my fucking god! You look absolutely fantastic! Beautiful! Terrific!” I shut my mouth as my jaw dropped down when I first saw him, I gave him a warm smile and I know my voice was hoarsely when I finally managed to speak “I can only reply this to you, Greg. You look – WOW!” We both had to grin, my eyes wandered to his cane “You even thought about using a black one!” and I pointed at it. He just shrugged and replied “Well, just for you … just for you!”

My heart was racing, my knees went jelly and I had to swallow back a tear. “But something is missing…” I whispered. Greg looked shocked “What? I …”, I approached and pinned a red rosebud at his collar. “Now it is perfect!” I said and placed a gentle kiss on his cheek. Gregory gave me a warm smile and drew me closer “May I kiss you?”, he asked shyly and before I could answer he gave me such a tender kiss it nearly made my heart stopped beating.

The kiss may have lasted one second or two billion light-years – I really can’t remember. We were brought back to earth by the knocking on the door. I cleared my throat “I think it is time now”, Greg nodded and I opened the door for him. “After you, darling!” – another shy smile and we stood in the hallway.

Samuel, my cousin and rabbi, stood there jaws dropped. “You are both looking terrific!” he said and we just smiled. Sam was dressed in black and looked very good as well. “So” I sighed “Let’s go then!” and we made our way to the car.

A limousine was waiting for us in front of the hotel and we had many eyes upon us while approaching it. Greg whispered in my ear “God, you look so sexy with that cummerbund!” I could barely hide a grin “If you want I can wear it just for you this evening…” I replied with a whisper. He nodded fiercely.

Samuel looked at us and poured a glass of champagne for each of us. We saluted and sipped the prickling liquid, a short drive later we arrived in front of the city hall, Eric was already waiting for us there and opened the car door for us. His jaw dropped as well when he saw us and he looked from me to Greg and back again, “You are a beautiful couple, you know?!” he said and made me blush with these words. Greg just stared on his shoes and shuffled his cane on the ground.

“God, you are nervous!” Eric laughed out and tapped our shoulders. “Of course, we are!” grunted Gregory and looked up. I took Greg’s hand and caressed it with my thumb, “Shall we…?”, he nodded at me and we proceeded to the room we were supposed to be at 5 pm.

We first had to handle some bumf and then had to wait for another decade (or five minutes). A man opened the door and looked outside “Ah, Dr. Gregory House and Dr. James Wilson?” he asked, we nodded simultaneously. “Fine, come in …” and he waived us inside. Eric and Samuel followed us and we all took seat.

Mr. Pollack, the justice of peace, looked at us and began:

“We are here today to witness and to celebrate the marriage of Gregory House and James Evan Wilson. They have invited me to lead their wedding ceremony, and for that, I thank them. We are gathered here in celebration to share the moment when two persons join together in the bonds of love, honor, respect and responsibility -- into the unity that is marriage.”

I took Gregory’s hand and they melted into one, then I tried to listen again what the justice of peace was saying …

“Today you declare the love and commitment you have expressed to each other many times before. Today, each of you declares for the whole world to see, that this other person has that special primary place in you life that can only be given to one other. You are not children. We are concerned here with something more beautiful than just romance. You two have decided to make the journey through life together and to help each other make as much of it as two unique individuals can.”

My eyes wandered to Gregory and I found myself drowning in deep blue eyes, we kept eye-contact and Mr. Pollack went on:

„Marriage is more than words or ceremony. It is a commitment to be reaffirmed each and every day. Happiness is the product of contentment that each has the strength to accept in their lives what can not be changed, and the love to change what can not be accepted. You can make your marriage a living thing. It will be you who begin every day making choices -- to express caring or avoiding it; to reveal love or to be too busy; to acknowledge respect and to take joy from one another or build walls -- and through those daily choices, to renew the wedding vows you will make today. It will be you, also who shapes what is possible for each other, allowing each other the space and the privacy to be unique individuals. When you follow the leading of your own personalities and talents, then each of you will have strength upon which both can depend. So it is that you come together, ready to give of yourselves and to accept each other, valuing each other's special gifts, prepared to work and to trust.”
Mr. Pollack cleared his throat and I heard someone sobbing next to me. I turned my head and saw Eric brushing away a tear. He looked at me and gave me a shy smile, I returned a weak smile and looked at the justice of peace again.

“So, having considered alone and together this marriage, I now ask you, are you ready for your vows?”

From the edge of my eye I saw Gregory nodding and I nodded as well. Greg squeezed my fingers a bit and I took a deep breath and started with a slightly trembling voice and looked into his astonishing blue eyes:

“Gregory, our miracle lies in the path we have chosen together. I enter this marriage with you knowing that the true magic of love is not to avoid changes, but to navigate them successfully.Let us commit to the miracle of making each day work - together.” Then I gave him a warm smile, he swallowed and a tear was running down his cheek.

Greg opened his mouth, closed it again, cleared his throat and then started, “I used to be afraid of falling in love, of giving my heart away. How could I trust a man to love me,to give to me all that I wanted to give to him?James, when I met you, I realized how much we could share together. You have renewed my life: Today I join that life with yours.”

Now it was me swallowing and feeling a tear running down my cheek. We were unable to break the glance – the voice of Mr. Pollack came from far away. “You have a ring for Gregory?” he asked and I could feel Samuel patting my shoulder with the tiny box I’ve given him before. It included the rings we had bought. We just thought they would be perfect. I took the box and pulled out Greg’s ring.
Mr. Pollack continued “Would you put it on his finger and repeat after me: I, James Evan take you Gregory to be my husband, and with this ring, I marry you and join my life to yours.” I took a deep breath and repeated this phrase while attaching the ring to his finger.

Then Mr. Pollack turned to Gregory, “Would you put it on his finger and repeat after me: I, Gregory take you James Evan to be my husband, and with this ring, I marry you and join my life to yours.” Gregory looked into my eyes, took the ring and said with a firm voice: “I, Gregory take you James Evan to be my husband, and with this ring, I marry you and join my life to yours.”

We held our hands and Mr. Pollack continued “May the love that you feel and share today continue to grow deeper and stronger all the days of your lives. Having declared yourselves to each other among your witnesses, you are now married.”

Samuel and Eric applauded and we were still unable to move, I bent slightly forward and Greg decided he was patient enough and drew me closer and kissed me full of passion and love. I don’t know how long our kiss lasted but we were miles high and over the moon, only the giggling of the three other persons in the room brought us back to earth.

I could feel me blushing and looked down on our hands, then I felt the patting on my shoulders and looked up again. Greg’s eyes were fixed on me and full of love, I smiled at him and he returned that smile.

“Married …” we both whispered …



Dr. Gregory House said...

I'm still dazed and can't believe it...
I love you, hun!

Dr. James Wilson said...

My beloved husband ... how does this sound?

Simply great!!!

You are the sunshine in my life,
You are the one making my days shining all so bright!

Dr. Gregory House said...

What did I want to say?

Dr. James Wilson said...

Dunno ... but as we are having here a fairly private conversation ... go ahead!