Friday, November 24, 2006

Surprise ...

Alone again ... what a relief this is. I love my family, that is not the problem but I desperately wanted to be alone with Gregory. It is our little honeymoon ...

As the rest of the family explored Point Pleasant and its surroundings today we had some time - just for us and we could do everything we wanted to.
It was a very very pleasant day.

This evening we were invited for dinner - in that restaurant we've been some weeks ago. Sure the waitress remembered us - god, this was embarassing!
The rest of the evening was packed with conversation about this and that.

After the main course the conversation turned to our marriage and as we haven't told them yet I felt a bit uncomfortable. My mom asked if we had already met Samuel in Boston. "Um...yeeees...we met him this Tuesday..." was the reply. "Ooooh, I am hoping that you consider a ceremony held by him after this civil marriage thing. What do you think about it? Would that be a problem for you, Greg?" she asked and looked at Greg.
Greg looked in his glass "Erm...I...." to give him some support I took his hand and smiled at him. "That's fairly easy", he continued and gave my mom a smile "I remember some words which hit the mark."
Then he turned to me, beaming "Remember? Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people, and your God will be my God.
And where you die, I will die and there I will be buried. May the Lord do with me and more if anything but death parts you from me." My heart was racing and I really had to held myself back not to kiss him feverishly, so I just blinked back some tears which came up. He smiled, "So...if James wants to - why not? His God will be my God...". Who'd ever thought he'd be that loveable ...and he is mine!

Greg's father (and now my father in law) cleared his throat "So tell us, when are we supposed to be at the city hall on the 9th?". Oooh, now it was time to tell them, my eyes wandered to Greg and I could see him swallowing. " don't have to show up there...", he began. "Greg! You're impossible! Of course we will be there", Blythe exclaimed. "We want to attend your marrage, you know?" Now it was his turn to shift uncomfortably and I squeezed Gregory's hand slightly.
He bit his lower lip and I caressed his hand secretly. Greg took a deep breath "But we are already married...", seven jaws dropped and I cleared my throat.

"You are WHAT?" my mom cried out. "Married" I replied and gave her a "please don't be upset" look It was now me taking a deep breath "Well, let me explain it before you start killing us, okay?" Nathan and John just grunted a bit, Blythe nodded and my mom said "Go ahead ...", I swallowed "We had a brawl on Monday..." some gasps could be heard and Greg interrupted "Not a severe one... I was just ...", "He was just a bit scared that I could leave him and so I just asked him, if he wants to marry me." Greg looked at me and smiled "Sure I wanted to...", I smiled back "So did I and that is why I just arranged a date with Mr. Pollack the Justice of Peace and I talked to Samuel and Eric as well." I looked around and saw seven interested faces, Blythe gestured me to continue.

"We got married on Tuesday at five o'clock with Samuel and Eric as our witnesses." I closed and shifted uncomfortably. Nathan nodded and said "So you are already married, hm?", we both agreed. John grinned "And we are disturbing your little honeymoon right now, aren't we?" Rachel giggled and Blythe gasped "Oh dears ..."
Greg caressed my hand and he continued "You are is our little retreat here", and we both grinned. "Well that is only fair" my mom said and gave me a stern look. I swallowed again "We ... we ...talked with Samuel...", Greg interrupted me "Yes and we will celebrate on the 9th of December, as promised with a little jewish ceremony just for our family and some ...ehm... friends."

Our mom's faces lit up "Oh that would be so nice, darlings!" Blythe exclaimed. The women suddenly started to whisper and giggle and we men just looked at each other. John raised his glass "So, I want to speak a toast" - all went silent and John continued "I am proud of you ...sons! Very proud that you both made that special step! I wish you all the luck you deserve...". Greg squeezed my hand a bit and I bent forward and placed a soft kiss on his cheek.

Well that wasn't that bad ...


Dr. Gregory House said...

No...that wasn't that bad. :-)
You didn't think I'm loveable?

Dr. James Wilson said...

I did think but you are always surprising me a bit more every day, every minute ...

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear it turned out okay ^-^

And I shall refrain from calling you anything but your beloved's husband, in the futue ^_~

Enjoy the rest of your honeymoon, boys.

Dr. James Wilson said...

Thank you :)

And thanks for the husband thing!

Tomorrow we will have a nice evening with fondue and sure some snuggling ...

Dr. Gregory House said...

Not only some :)